The Design Business Show 096: 7 Things You Need to Know About Your Offer Before You Launch

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | June 12, 2020

Hey everyone! How are you doing? For real! Tell me!

I just want you to know how grateful I am for each of you in here. I’ve intentionally been quiet online so I could listen, learn and do better when it comes to racial injustice.

Just like business, the fight against racial injustice is a long-term game, and I’m committed to doing better.

Here are a few more resources I’ve come across the last week:

  1. The Show up & Serve workshop replay from Trudi Lebron is only $97, and I highly recommend it:
  2. Vanessa Velez from Clarity is Crucial. She did a training inside a mastermind I’m in. The conversation was so good I invited her to come on my podcast! Check out her recent post on Instagram to learn how to become a leader in this space.
  3. The replay of this Re-Imagining Small Business Town Hall with Susan Hyatt, Rachel Rodgers, Ericka Hines, Nathan Berry, Robert Hartwell and Sonya Renee Taylor. Link:

I don’t have all the answers, but I trust that in my own way, I can make a difference.

One way I know that I can help designers, copywriters, creatives, and expert entrepreneurs get more conversions on their launches.

A launch is simply a word used to plan a promo where a product or service is for sale over a certain period of time.

The benefits of launching:

You get to add a new stream of income to your revenue. By launching, I’ve added around $40K in extra revenue to my business.

I said the actual number – and please know that $40K could be super high or super low for you. Some people make more, some people make less. The number is just mine, and it’s a result of me doing the work to test out a dozen or so offers in the last 3 years.

This number does not include the amount of money I make from consulting or sales pages. It’s simply when I open and close the cart for an offer.

As of right now, my signature sales page design service is still my most profitable offer and the easiest one to sell.

I’ve also been doing it for 7 years, so it’s gotten easier every time and doesn’t even feel like I have to sell it when I’m on a sales call.

It takes practice to get to that level of confidence – and you learn more every time to sell a service or launch.

I’ve never actually launched my sales page service, since most of my leads come via Google or referrals.

When you launch a course, product or even a new service, it’s fun and exciting because, you get to try something new.

You get to position yourself as an expert – and serve a bigger group of people instead of just 1:1 work.

The industry is shifting, and I have to stay on top of my game if I want to become known as the conversion design expert in a bigger way.

The downside of launching:

You don’t technically get paid until someone buys.

It requires you to step out of your head and show up as an expert in your field, and consistently help your clients for free.

People may not buy until a few years after they hear about you, or at all.


Launching is a big-picture game. You don’t score a touchdown the first time you step on the football field. You’ll have lots of wins. Lots of losses. Lots of lessons.

I gave the actual breakdown from my first launch debrief in 2017 on episode 64 if you want to check it out.

Now the next time you launch, it’s important that you’re able to tell me the following 7 things about your offer:

  1. Identity, Interest + Benefit Bullets
  2. The Problem You Solve.
  3. The Offer Introduction & The Offer Promise.
  4. Who is your course, product or service for?
  5. Testimonials from current and previous students.
  6. What’s included in the investment?
  7. The Guarantee & Buy Now Buttons.

These 7 things are the foundation of your offer, your sales page, your strategy and more. Before you stress about creating a sales page, or doing a big launch, make sure your offer is solid.

If you don’t know those 7 things, then it’s not time to launch. It’s time to focus on direct sales.

You don’t have to create a big marketing campaign to sell your offers.

You need a way to sell it, a way for people to buy it, and a way to deliver it. 

Here’s a process for you to get started with your new offers:

  1. Create a beta offer.
  2. Sell it the old-fashioned way.
  3. Test it.
  4. Get your clients results.
  5. Improve your process.
  6. Offer it again until it’s solid.

When I first launched my mastermind for designers (this is not a secret “pitch” for my mastermind, it’s not for sale right now, and I’m not sure if I’m bringing it back again), I got conversions from doing webinars.

So I’ve done probably over 200 free webinars over the last 3 years, most of them pitch-free.

Every single person who has bought from me has been on a webinar with me, so that’s why I do them.

I’m really into finding a thing that works, and re-implementing that strategy over and over again. 

Facebook ads convert? Cool. Let them run and work on other things.

People who experience a live webinar with me are more likely to buy? Awesome. Do a lot of them.

The world is at home because of COVID-19? People are craving connection and tools. I ran ads to grow my FB group, and to a sales page Trello board I made.

I’ve never had ads convert for $2-$3 per lead. The only other ads I’ve really ran are for webinars, and they’re still converting at $11-$30 a person, so I’m not really planning to run ads to webinars anytime soon.

I like to measure my launch data on 3 different things: data, energy, and sales. 

Data is things like opt-in page conversion rates, FB lead costs, webinar sign up & attendance rate.

Yes, energy.

What fears are coming up?

What isn’t working?

Did you plan a realistic amount of time to do this?

Are you creating space in your business for more customers?

For sales, you can look at things like Sales Booked on Sales Calls, Sales on Cart Open Day, Sales on Cart Close Day & Sales for each offer level.

Launching is a big-picture game. You don’t score a touchdown the first time you step on the football field. You’ll have lots of wins. Lots of losses. Lots of lessons.

It’s a part of the game. I want to help you win!

If you have questions about launching or need help making your launches better – send me a DM on Instagram and let’s start a conversation.

Links mentioned:

Trudi Lebron’s Show Up & Serve
Vanessa Velez from Clarity is Crucial
Rachel Rodgers Re-Imagine Small Business Town Hall

My sales page Trello Board


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