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Check out episode 143 of The Design Business Show with Licia Morelli to learn all about copywriting and her book publishing experience!
Episode # 143
The Design Business Show 143: Copywriting Made Simple + Book Publishing with Licia Morelli

June 7, 2021

Director : Melissa Burkheimer

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Episode # 142
The Design Business Show 142: Thoughtful Design Ideas from MJ with Big Ears Creative

June 1, 2021

Director : Melissa Burkheimer

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Episode # 141
The Design Business Show 141: Unlocking Creative Practices with Mara Belzer

May 25, 2021

Director : Melissa Burkheimer

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Check out episode 140 of The Design Business Show with Shontavia Johnson to learn all about licensing and leveraging opportunities in your business!
Episode # 140
The Design Business Show 140: Leveraging Opportunities Through Licensing with Shontavia Johnson

May 18, 2021

Director : Melissa Burkheimer

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Melissa Burkheimer is the creator of The Design Business Show, a podcast that shows creatives how to use strategic design to build credibility, increase conversions, and grow their businesses.

She’s also a conversion designer and creative director who helps brands make money through her custom conversion design services and her virtual program, Conversion Design School™.

This Iowa girl won awards for her photography, graphic design, and performance skills before graduating from college, and built a virtual design studio that stays at the forefront of the digital marketing industry by creating sales pages, launch strategies and iconic designs that help brands get results.

When she’s not designing sales pages or connecting with other creatives around the world, she’s probably drinking tea, binge-watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for the 15th time, or dreaming of her next beach vacation.

Her mission is simple: give design a voice, and help brands create digital designs and business models that convert.

Here’s what I know for sure:

The opportunity for designers and brands to collaborate and create something together is   growing, and the work that we do is so, so important.

I mean, the world would be kind of ugly without design, right?

There’s a community of creatives out there with the same goals and dreams as you: Customers who love us, the freedom to work from wherever, and no limit on the amount of revenue we can produce, using our skills.

We should be friends. Hit one of the buttons below to connect!
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