The Design Business Show 247: The Ins and Outs of Creating a New Business with Dominique Jackson

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | January 23, 2024
Check out episode 247 of The Design Business Show with Dominique Jackson to learn about Hatch + Nest, a support platform for motherhood.

After struggling to find adequate support and resources during her own pregnancy and postpartum, Dominique Jackson made it her mission to improve access to maternal health education, support and community for other moms to be.

Creating Hatch + Nest 

  • In the Summer, Dominique came to one of my workshops, where we worked on launch ideas for her, and I suggested she come on the podcast to talk about what she’s doing
  • Dominique shares that her background is in health technology and public policy 
  • After the birth of her first son, Dominique struggled to balance taking care of her newborn, herself, and going back to work, which inspired her to create Hatch + Nest
  • During pregnancy you are surrounded by support from friends, family, and doctors, but most of that goes away after you deliver
  • The first thing that helped Dominique bring Hatch + Nest to life was talking to other entrepreneurs because she had no experience with starting a business or figuring out her brand 
  • Dominique explains how they expanded from just postpartum support to prenatal through parenthood support
  • Hatch + Nest is a maternal wellness platform that offers support through classes like breastfeeding, birth planning, infant CPR, and in-home support through doulas and relationship specialists  
  • Mothers in central Ohio can take advantage of their in-home support services – Dominique shares the educational resources on their website and says they will have upcoming in-person and virtual events
  • Dominique explains that they can get grant funding to help mothers who can’t afford their services and says they are always looking for sponsors
  • Hatch + Nest has some upcoming sponsored workshops that include lactation specialists, Doulas, and mental health consultants 
  • How Dominique had to figure out what to prioritize in order to launch and generate revenue 
  • Dominique shares that she had to shift her business model and audience to attract sponsors because that is how they primarily make money
  • Some sponsors support through educational events by providing the space, catering, or gifts, and others sponsor a portion or all of the in-home support after birth
  • Dominique explains her choice to keep messaging targeted towards mothers, but says they have plans to expand messaging to other audiences once they are more established
  • They are planning a program for later in 2024 for dads and adoptive parents
  • Check out the Hatch + Nest website and follow them on Instagram to learn more


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Hatch + Nest Website 

Hatch + Nest on Instagram 


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