The Design Business Show 246: Creating Organizational Design with Lindsay White

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | November 20, 2023
Check out episode 246 of The Design Business Show with Lindsay White to learn about organizational design and leadership.

Lindsay is a sought-after leadership coach, organization design expert, speaker, facilitator and podcast host who believes that every business, no matter the size, deserves three things – great leadership, an impactful people strategy, and a culture that inspires.

First, and foremost, Lindsay is passionate about guiding business leaders at all levels in creating a leadership style that is authentic and grounded in their own values and purpose.

Her powerful coaching style leverages her extensive background coaching senior leaders, executives and entrepreneurs as they develop and embrace their personal leadership practice.

Lindsay also utilizes her 15 years in strategic talent management to guide these incredible leaders in creating inclusive cultures and developing the people strategy that is often missing from their business plans. Knowing when amazing teams are connected by purpose, programs and processes that inspire, they create amazing results.

As an entrepreneur, working Mom, and first-time Grandmother, Lindsay knows

that the blend between work and life can be difficult to create. That’s why she loves to coach and guide leaders as they navigate their personal leadership journey and create the work & life blend they long for. Her focus on people strategy, team engagement, communication and leadership development all help her clients drive their business goals while creating work environments where everyone feels like they belong.


Organizational Design + Leading Yourself First

  • Lindsay White found her love for organizational design and development while working for an organization whose HR department disintegrated – she became the go-to person for questions from managers who needed support
  • Over the last 20 years, Lindsay has found a passion for helping leaders design and develop organizations that are meaningful and allow people to do quality work
  • Designing organizations is about creating structures that allow the work to flow and the people to do meaningful work that achieves business goals 
  • If you don’t have the right organizational design, the work isn’t flowing, you lose momentum and ideas, plus people don’t understand how they impact the customer or the next person in the process
  • Lindsay explains that leadership is an inside job; think about what’s important to you personally and in your business, and lead yourself first
  • When Lindsay started her business, she focused on coaching leaders but quickly realized these leaders also needed organizational development to help their teams and businesses thrive
  • You can be the best leader in the world, but if you don’t have the right processes and programs in your business, it won’t work, and vice versa; if you have good processes but don’t lead well, it won’t work either 
  • Processes can work for you and not against you – Lindsay explains that processes are really about defining the connection to understand how everyone’s work fits together for the end result/customer experience
  • Lindsay breaks down performance management that creates inclusive and belonging spaces where people gain the confidence to be their best selves and do quality work

High Voltage Leadership

  • The name of Lindsay’s business, High Voltage Leadership, comes from her life’s purpose statement: to be the high voltage extension cord that connects people to their own inner brilliance
  • Lindsay works one-on-one, in groups, or in organizations with female entrepreneurs to help them bring what they care about most to their work, create a work-life blend that serves them, and teach them how to create organizations where everyone experiences that 
  • When it comes to attracting clients, Lindsay shares that she spends a lot of time nurturing her clients, which gives her referrals, and she is active on social media, specifically LinkedIn
  • On LinkedIn, Lindsay posts consistently and focuses on what’s happening in the leadership space, culture content, and providing value through information or questions she hears from her clients
  • Last year, Lindsay had to take a big step back after dealing with multiple personal and work things all at once – she also shares how she was able to overcome being close to burnout
  • Lindsay’s podcast, Female Founder Friday, focuses on how successful business owners got to where they are today and the mistakes they made during their journey
  • Check out Melissa’s episode on the Female Founder Friday podcast
  • Reach out to Lindsay on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and check out her website


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