The Design Business Show 249: Creative Copy for Entrepreneurs with Tepsii

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | February 29, 2024
Check out episode 249 of The Design Business Show with Tepsii to learn about creative entrepreneurial copywriting!

Tepsii is an expert copywriter, and life/business coach who has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and many renowned podcasts.

She regularly speaks live and online and has taught thousands of people how to grow successful businesses since 2015. Tepsii’s mission is to impact 1 million Africans within 5 years by empowering them to break generational patterns of poverty as they grow businesses with help/partnership from prominent business leaders, social activists, government leaders, and corporate entities.

Tepsii’s Start to Copywriting

  • We share how Tepsii and I officially met during a conference in 2016
  • Tepsii shares the first time she saw my sales page design and how it influenced her to write her copy differently
  • I share that I used Tepsii’s story of remembering my work years later in an email sequence to show how your work can leave a lasting impact
  • The drive to be an entrepreneur has always been there for Tepsii because she likes to do and is good at many things
  • Over time, Tepsii transitioned into a business coach and consultant working with entrepreneurs and dealing with higher-level strategy
  • Tepsii is from Vermont and South Africa and is the mom of 3 beautiful girls
  • Make friends with your designers as copywriters because collaboration is more important than competition
  • After college, Tepsii got her first job by reaching out to the president of a haircare product line that she liked and offering to help with their website and messaging
  • When Tepsii started helping with the haircare line, she had no idea what digital marketing or copywriting was, but she helped increase their sales by 600%
  • Tepsii was googling how to work from home and came across Marie Forleo’s B school, which brought her to other connections and programs
  • Because Tepsii was spending money on these programs to get started, she decided she was going to take up space, be visible, and ask for what she needed
  • We chat about how, as women, we need to work on articulating our value so we can get paid our worth for the work we’re doing

AI + Industry Trends

  • Even though AI is here to stay, Tepsii believes teaching copywriting will always be important because there are components that AI can’t master
  • Tepsii is still teaching and writing for entrepreneurs but shares that she now uses a holistic approach to their strategy that includes traditional media
  • As part of her 360 communication strategy, Tepsii includes speaking training, sales training, and all things that go into becoming more confident in your words
  • Currently, Tepsii is consulting for the cannabis industry in Vermont and is working on a big project in South Africa designed to help creatives digitally transform
  • If Tepsii could tell her younger self one thing, it would be to guard her heart and open her eyes to see that the world is diverse
  • Tepsii shares all the tips she wishes someone had told her when she was starting
  • I believe the days of “My 7-step magic formula will solve your problem and change your life” are ending
  • I share current design trends, including text from the early 2000s and ’90s.
  • The word of 2024 is authenticity – people are craving a real connection  
  • Check out Tepsii’s website to connect with her



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