The Design Business Show 101: Creating systems that work for you with Latrice Claiborne

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | July 30, 2020
Check out episode 101 of The Design Business Show with Latrice Claiborn to learn about implementing systems into your business and personal life!

Latrice Claiborne is a system and operations strategist who specializes in marketing automation (Infusionsoft Certified!) and making back-end business systems and processes seamless for small business owners! As a Systems & Operations Strategist, she’s helped hundreds of amazing entrepreneurs totally transform their business back-end from “blah” to “all systems go”!

She’s also a Business Coach for Mompreneurs, helping them build profitable businesses without sacrificing family. I’m a wife, mother, Believer, speaker, and tech tools fanatic!

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

  • How Latrice and I met through a mutual friend, Jordan Gill
  • Latrice shares how she started at a company where she was overworked, underpaid and underappreciated but how that laid the foundation for what she does today
  • The story of how Latrice was shown Infusionsoft and had to learn how it worked to teach to her team
  • While on maternity leave Latrice felt overwhelmed and started thinking of ways she could work from home
  • When Latrice’s boys were 2 years old and 2 months old her and her husband created a strategy, saved up 3 months of her income and Latrice started business
  • How Latrice’s first client was her previous job because they didn’t want to see her leave
  • Latrice shares how she started out as a virtual assistant, then she started specializing and her business evolved into what it is today
  • Latrice explains how when she started this business 4 years ago she had no idea it would grow into this and end up helping business and mompreneurs like it has
  • Why having her first client be her previous job was a weird transition because the tables turned and she was setting the rules and pay as her own boss instead of them
  • Latrice explains how she is so much bolder than she was four years ago and encourages everyone to ask questions, the worst answer you’ll receive is no
  • Latrice gave her job a 1 month notice that she was leaving and how 1 week into that notice her boss told her they want her to stay on, which is what Latrice wanted but had feared to ask
  • How some companies do hire contractors and are starting to realize that they can have more remote workers and reduce their costs without having to micromanage people who are physically in the office
  • Latrice shares how you can’t be desperate, sign each client or business and ignore red flags, which is what she did at the beginning
  • Questions you need to ask yourself when choosing clients to ensure they are a great fit for your company, for your services and your lifestyle
  • How you should create multiple streams of income within your one business/niche so you become an expert in your field and don’t confuse your audience
  • Latrice shares how she had to learn how to manage her time when trying to balance all her commitments and obligations
  • How Latrice uses Toggl to track all her time on tasks and the reason she tracks her time is to hold herself accountable because she is the only one who can do that
  •  Latrice shares how using time blocking, scheduling, tracking and project management tools could help increase your productivity
  • Latrice’s Facebook Group, SuperMoms Business Society where they share tip and tricks to help moms be productive, especially those transitioning to working from home
  • How Latrice schedules everything in her life and how if you want to achieve your goals you should put something on your schedule that relates to it
  • Latrice explains how taking advantage of her time and  delegating tasks in her home and business has made a huge difference so she doesn’t lose time or her sanity
  • Latrice shares how she hired too soon in her business because she didn’t have any systems or processes documented so it wasn’t efficient
  • How using her time management tools helped Latrice figure out what she should delegate first
  • Latrice’s friend Abbey Ashley’s Facebook Group, Virtual Assistant Savvies where a lot of people go to hire freelancers, virtual assistance and more
  • Latrice explains her extensive hiring process including where she gets potential employees and how she narrows them down using specific instructions, and specific phases
  • The system side of Latrice’s services, where she manages company’s technology and tech department, does their marketing automation and can set up webinar funnels if needed
  • The other side of Latrice’s business where she’s a mompreneur coach and gives them resources to build profitable and sustainable businesses
  • How automating your systems and processes can help you maximize your efficiency and how that results in you maximizing your profit
  • How you should identify what is paining you the most and start with creating a system for that thing first so you can delegate it in the future
  • Why Latrice is so disciplined in her business so when a day comes where she feels unmotivated, she can take a break because she’s not behind on anything and is actually ahead of schedule
  • Connect with Latrice on her website or follow her on Instagram 


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Latrice’s Website

SuperMoms Business Society Facebook Group

Virtual Assistant Savvies Facebook Group

Connect with Latrice on Instagram

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