The Design Business Show 104: Get Excited About Your Data with Lanie Lamarre

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | August 17, 2020
Check out episode 104 of The Design Business Show with Lanie Lamarre to learn about visualizing your data in a way that motivates you!

Lanie Lamarre treats your Done List like it owes you money… because it probably does! Fave topics: Airtable, your conversion rates, happy hour

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

  • How Lanie and I met at the Legendary Life Event last fall while at dinner
  • Lanie leans into her inner “geek” and is passionate about spreadsheets, data and conversion rates
  • Lanie discusses how most creative entrepreneurs convince themselves that they aren’t good at math and numbers but have number based goals
  • Lanie explains how everyone can be a numbers person if they see numbers in a way that inspires them to take action
  • Why when you show people their numbers and data in a way that they understand, they will start thinking outside the box of how they can take action to improve their results
  • How Lanie fell down the rabbit hole of the data and project side of things and realized she could make money helping people generate information they don’t naturally come to themselves
  • Lanie understands that data can be overwhelming for people so she got good at creating dashboards that people could plug their information into
  • After seeing the reaction she was getting from the way she was presenting data, it was a natural progression for her to hone in on it
  • Lanie shares that she feels most of the numbers in Google Analytics aren’t needed; while they are interesting, you don’t generally do anything with that data
  • Eighty percent of everything you need to know about your numbers boils down to two data sets; how you’re generating leads and how you’re making sales
  • Lanie explains that by focusing on those two results and seeing how everything on your website, social media, etc ties into those two data sets, you minimize all the distractions of information you aren’t going to use
  • How you can create goals in Google Analytics for the leads you’re generating and for the sales you’re making
  • What metrics you should be looking at and why looking at your sales page is a good starting point because that’s where the bottom of your funnel is-where sales and leads are happening
  • Lanie explains that you should look at how people are engaging on your sales page and see how that’s related to how they’re checking out and actually buying
  • How if you see there’s not enough people visiting your sales page based on your traffic, maybe you need more call to actions to lead them there
  • Lanie goes through the top, middle and bottom of the sales funnel and explains what data you will find within each one
  • When you start making the connections and seeing the trends between how they interact with each other, you can start improving on those results
  • Lanie offers a free dashboard people can use that comes with a tutorial on how you can set up the goals for your leads and sales
  • How after you set up those goals, all those numbers will automatically populate in the dashboard and will show you the user experience, and what your client journey looks like so you can see where there are opportunities to improve
  • Lanie talks about how easy it is to set up the dashboard and have it automatically send to your email once a month
  • How easy it is to see where your audience is coming from and how they interacted on your sales page after coming from your website, Pinterest, etc.
  • Find Lanie’s dashboard here and use it for free
  • The work Lanie does is for companies and organizations where she gets paid doing project management but also works with data clients, who generally own agencies that don’t need a data person 24/7
  • Courses Lanie offers include AIRTABLE LIKE A BOSS for people who aren’t sure what to do after they register for Airtable and BOSS MODE METRICS that teaches you about measuring what matters, visualizing data in a way you can do something with and understand how the top, middle and bottom of your sales funnel is performing
  • Lanie shares what bothers her about the way people talk about conversion rates
  • Why the most important thing about improving conversion rates is knowing what your starting point is for that specific conversion because there are so many different conversions for everything
  • Lanie explains when she started getting vocal about her passion that’s when people started asking more questions
  • Lanie made it her mission to show people the beauty in data and spreadsheets and to help them get excited about it
  • Lanie’s advice is to show off your work; she started seeing a difference once she started showing her dashboards and sharing how she visualizes data and how others should too
  • Why Lanie created her Airtable course after not being about to find a course on how to use it for herself
  • How when Lanie teaches AIRTABLE LIKE A BOSS she makes it as much play and plug as she can and has modules that teach you the tech side of it and bonus modules, making it a complete A – Z Airtable guide for entrepreneurs
  • One thing Lanie has struggled with is leaning into what she’s good at because it seems to easy to be true
  • Lanie shares something that has helped her move forward in her business is engaging with other people, in person within small groups
  • How leaning into what makes you different and unique gets rid of some of the hate and insecurities that go on in the marketing world
  • Lanie tells us that if there are things you know are important to your business or its growth, find something or someone who speaks about it in a way that you can wrap your head around
  • How you need to realize you don’t need to be the one doing everything to stay on top of things, if analytics is intimidating to you, get someone to set it up for you
  • Why you should focus on what you’re really good at and what brings light to the way you’re doing your work
  • How you can burn yourself out by doing the things you hate in your business, and how it’s okay to ask for help
  • Visit Lanie’s website to learn more about her and use her free resources, also connect with her on Instagram and send her a DM


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