The Design Business Show 106: How to Write Your “About You” Section on Your Sales Page

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | August 27, 2020

On your sales pages, I don’t recommend that you include a link to your about page. Instead – create an “about you” section on your sales page.

When you write the copy – you want to introduce yourself – but not in your typical “about me” fashion.

Your years experience + degrees are important but why are you different from those in your field?

What kind of results do you get for your clients that highlight the transformation?

What do you believe should change in your industry?

What’s your signature method?

Is it proven over and over again?

What actually happens to your customers when they work with you?

For example, I talk about my experience designing sales pages that yield my clients 7-figure results, and share how much experience I have as a sales page designer, not a designer in general.

You can write your about you section in paragraphs or bullet format text. Your choice. Just write the copy so it influences the scroll, and the sale!

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