The Design Business Show 115: Crafting Brand Strategy with Sasha-Shae Weekes

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | October 12, 2020
Check out episode 115 of The Design Business Show with Sasha-Shae Weekes to learn about crafting brand strategy!

Sasha-Shae Weekes is a creative at heart, who enjoys storytelling and bringing dreams into reality. As a Visual Design Strategist, she enjoys using strategic purpose-fueled solutions to pull together brands and websites for the creative business owner seeking a refined yet standout design that illustrates their expertise and encapsulates who they are. Sasha-Shae resides in NYC with her hubby, and enjoys reading, catching up on natural beauty, plant-based cooking and home decor videos when she has a little down time. Otherwise, she’s always seeking to help out with gospel missionary work, bringing hope and simple tips to improve one’s health through lifestyle.

  • How Sasha-Shae built her blog from the ground up and how she used her blog as an experimental design project where she could focus in on certain design skills
  • As a result of her blog, Sasha-Shae had many people reach out asking for branding or site work, which is how she started to learn more about strategy
  • Sasha-Shae shares her introduction to design strategy and explains why she didn’t write a full on strategy plan right away
  • Why Sasha-Shae believes design means nothing unless you have a solid strategy behind it
  • Sasha-Shae offers a full rebranding package that includes, brand strategy, brand identity, design for the whole system, and website design
  • How Sasha-Shae also offers her services within her rebranding package separately if needed
  • Sasha-Shae shares that most of her clients come from word of mouth and referrals
  • Why Sasha-Shae prefers long-term relationships with clients and explains how deeply understanding their audience & vision makes it easier for her to step in and keep creating things that will resonate with them
  • How Sasha-Shae offers design retainer programs for clients or for those who weren’t existing clients but realize they need ongoing services frequently
  • Sasha-Shae shares a project she worked on where the client needed a better brand identity system and how they crafted it into something that attracted her ideal clients and received great responses
  • Sasha-Shae explains how sometimes we don’t show up as boldly as we should online, which can be a personal pitfall of hers when social media gets to be overwhelming
  • Tips Sasha-Shae recommends for creatives is to stay consistent and plan ahead because it will help you push past your feelings of being overwhelmed  or what’s going on
  • A common mistake Sasha-Shae sees creatives make is creating based on their personal feelings or preferences when you really need to ask yourself what your clients who continually buy from you are attracted to
  • Another mistake Sasha-Shae sees creatives make is not having a strategy with data that fuels what you’re doing
  • The story behind Sasha-Shae’s brand name, Fresh Medley Design Studio which was inspired by her desire to make all of her creations fresh and new- the name also conveys her love for many different types of creativity
  •  Sasha-Shae gives advice on not undercharging yourself as a designer even if you don’t have years of experience, making sure if you barter, you get something long lasting, and how you shouldn’t mentally block yourself
  • How Sasha-Shae got involved with gospel missionary work and helping at sanitariums and explains why she believes your health is one of the most important things in life
  • Why if you’re a designer or creator, you should stick with it even if you’re afraid to put yourself out there because it will pay off in the end
  • Connect with Sasha-Shae on her Instagram, website, or Facebook 

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Connect with Sash-Shae on Instagram

Connect with Sasha-Shae on her website

Connect with Sasha-Shae on Facebook


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