The Design Business Show 127: Sales Page Navigation Do’s and Don’t’s

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | January 23, 2021
Check out episode 127 of The Design Business Show to learn sales page navigation do’s and don’ts!

Hey friends, Melissa Burkheimer here and I’m so excited that you’re here for Episode 127 of The Design Business Show. Today’s episode will be pretty short and sweet, but I wanted to let you know two things before we get started.

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Okay, so what I want to talk to you today about really quickly is sales page navigation. Specifically what to do and what not to do.

So, a sales page, if you don’t know, is the thing that I design. I’ve done some websites, but most of my clients come to me for sales pages, and I actually design more sales pages than I do websites, even in my own business because I own a business that runs digital product launches.

So, a sales page has one goal and that’s usually to make a sale. Another name for sales pages is a landing page. So, the intention there also is to get a goal, get the conversion. It could be someone opting into text alerts, it could be someone you know signing up for your emails, it could be someone applying to join a program or it could be just someone coming to buy one of your products or services.

And what we want to do is keep people interested and engaged, and the sales page’s job is to inform them about what it’s like to work with you to help get their questions answered, and just really paint the picture for what it could be like after they buy your product or service, and one mistake that people often make on their sales pages is within the navigation. So, again, the intention is to keep people on the page to get them to read and scroll and interact and eventually take action. Now, we all know that not everyone’s going to buy from us that’s kind of just the reality of business, and we don’t want to distract people.

So in today’s world, we know that people are really distracted. And we want to keep them on the page we don’t want to direct them elsewhere.

When it comes to your sales page navigation, the only links that belong on your page are links that will help your buyer or your potential buyer make an informed decision to buy and keep them on the page, or send them to the checkout process.

And so many people make this mistake. They’ll link their about page, their YouTube channel their Instagram page, or whatever it is and they’ll use regular website navigation on their sales page.

And that to me is a big no no because if I click your YouTube link, I’m going to get distracted by dance choreography because that’s what I like to pay attention to on YouTube.

And I’m going to forget all about your offer and that’s not what we want people to do. We want them to stay engaged, so we don’t want to include any links that will distract our buyers. We want to include links that will keep them on the page so good sales page navigation would be a link to buy or apply or whatever the call to action is a good link could also be a section on the sales page where you’re talking about success stories.

Another idea could be if you’re hosting like a virtual event or a live event when we can have events, again after the pandemic. Like “the schedule” or “who the speakers are” so that people can know what to expect and like when because it’s a live event like you want to the dates and times if you’re going to sign up so that you can actually participate.

Let’s say you’re selling a digital course – you can say “here’s what’s included.”

Let’s say you are selling a clothing line, you can include a link to the size chart so people know what size to buy based on like their measurements or like their normal size when like they’re gonna buy let’s say a bra, or a pair of jeans. (I’m just using examples of things I’ve recently bought online.) And you can include other links where, you know, it just takes you to the call to action.

For example, on my Launch Celebrity sales page, all of the “Apply Now” links, and there are a lot of them, take you straight to the application which is embedded directly on the sales page at the bottom. So I’m very I was very strategic with that and I’m kind of excited to look at the data after this first, you know, after a month of promotion that I’ve been doing on the down low. Not really.

I want to see what worked and what didn’t where people were clicking and like how much traffic I got and like all the things I’m really excited to kind of nerd out on that. Even though data is not not really my favorite thing but I can see like what buttons people are pushing what they’re doing and what the behavior is.

And so, instead of including a link to your about page on your website, include an about you section.

Instead of having a link to your media page you can feature media logos of where you’ve been featured or where your clients have been featured.

So just remember the intention is to keep people on the page to get them to take an action, and not to get distracted on someone who’s very easily distracted just ask them I am literally looking out the window right now as I’m, like, recording this episode right now.

And we want people to take action we want you to get more sales we want you to get a bigger audience we want you to just build momentum with whatever it is that you’re selling or doing, and a great design.

Great copy and great navigation on your sales page can help you make that happen.

So if you want to learn more about sales pages and sales page design and how the copy and design work together and the whole nine, go to and sign up now, you’ll have free access between now and February 1. And, if you like the experience you can work with me further inside of Launch Celebrity.

All right, that’s it for today’s quick episode we will be back next week with guest interviews and I’m so thankful that you’re here, thankful that you listen and hope you have a great weekend night morning or whatever it is, whatever time of day it is that you’re listening. Alright, bye.