The Design Business Show 144: Creating a Digital PDF to Sell Your Offers with Prerna Malik

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | June 15, 2021
Check out episode 144 of The Design Business Show with Prerna Malik to learn all about how you can create a better client experience!

Co-founder of Content Bistro, creator of Ready-to-Sell ™, and co-creator of Profits on Tap ®, Prerna has worked with over 450 clients worldwide including some of the biggest and best names in the industry, such as Pat Flynn, Vanessa Lau, Kerwin Rae, Amy Porterfield, Carrie Wilkerson, Alli Worthington, and others!

She is a Copyhackers-certified conversion copywriter and uses her proprietary Connection-Conversion™ framework and Conversion Brew ® process for writing engaging copy that balances persuasion and personality with the precision of conversion science ensuring you get the ROI your business deserves.

If you need her after work hours, you can find her introverting with her nose in a book, baking up a storm in the kitchen, or traveling the world.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

How Prerna Got Started in the Online World + Copywriting

  • How I’ve known who Prerna was for 3+ years and how I really got to know her work through The Copywriter Club and how we met in person last year
  • Prerna sent me a PDF of all her services, so I asked her to come on the podcast to get into the nitty gritty of that because it’s such an underrated thing people can be doing to make it easier for people to hire them
  • How connecting with others in your industry is important and you should be intentional about it
  • The story of how Prerna got started online as a mom blogger, from there her and her husband decided to go into business together, they started with business blogging and social media management—at that point copywriting was not in the picture
  • About 6 years ago clients started asking if they would write sales pages for them, or since they had done all their blogs they asked them to write their emails, so Prerna said yes but she needed to learn how
  • Prerna tells us how she started learning from the Copyhackers with Joanna Wiebe, read all the books, and took The Copywriter Mastermind, that had a certification attached to it, which was hard to earn but very worth it she says

Building Relationships Through Social Media

  • How Prerna loves copywriting because she can see the direct impact it has and because there are so many opportunities within copywriting
  • The reason Prerna loves social media is because she feels like it’s her own social circle even though she doesn’t live in the same country as most of the markets she’s working in—she loves making relationships through social media
  • When Prerna gets on Facebook, she pictures herself walking into a cafe where everyone knows your name and takes the time to have a conversation with you
  • Prerna says her husbands approach to social media is very business based, which is okay and says if that’s your style; do social media in a way that works for you—don’t try to fit yourself into a mold that’s not you
  • If you are on social media for your business, Prerna says it’s important for you to show up consistently, show up authentically, be transparent, and not be afraid to voice your opinion, which she admits took her a while to get used to

Content Bistro’s Unique Process for Bettering Customer Experience

  • They have a menu of services for their business, Content Bistro, and Prerna shares that they have a whole copywriting team that works on the copy and marketing but says they have a food angle as well with all their services
  • The idea behind their menu of services pdf and branding of their business was to add another layer when filtering for prospects—by sending prospects a menu of their services it makes it easier for both sides to tell if they will be a good fit
  • Prerna shares that their pdf of services includes their packages, their process, client testimonials, mini case studies, etc
  • How Content Bistro serves two different audiences, those who need copywriting and service providers and how they created separate pdfs for each audience so each only gets the information they need
  • If you’re a designer, Prerna recommends creating a pdf of services because it helps you streamline your process and makes for a better client experience
  • Prerna compares her service pdf to a website sales page, but more concise because it tells the prospect what the package is, who it’s for, what you get, why you need it, an estimated timeline, testimonials, pricing and more
  • When Prerna and her husband were brainstorming ideas for their business name, they wanted to blend their love for food and their passion for writing, which is how they landed on Content Bistro and now all their services have a food connection
  • Prerna shares that coming up with names for their services is one of her favorite things to do, and says she has a document with different categories of foodie themed words and marketing words to help her come up with the names
  • Prerna says that it’s important for service providers set themselves apart and says you can do this by making your processes easy for you to show up, serve and by making it easy for people to work for you
  • Connect with Prerna on Instagram or on their website


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