The Design Business Show 148: Scale Your Business By Stepping Into Your Purpose with Ahfeeyah Thomas

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | July 13, 2021
Check out episode 148 of The Design Business Show with Ahfeeya Thomas to learn all about what it means to scale your business!

Ahfeeyah Thomas is a Serial Entrepreneur, Published Author + Business Strategist for Higher. If you’re ready to scale to seven figures with ease, hire, elevate, automate, and delegate with authority she is your gal.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

Build. Brand. Design. + Programs

  • How Ahfeeyah got started in design by helping clients with strategy, then discovering that many people didn’t know what to do after their coaching session because they didn’t have an online presence, so she started helping them with that so they could be packaged better
  • Ahfeeyah’s clients then started referring her for not only strategy and coaching, but also for design — so they added it onto the business, and that was the first of her company, Build. Brand. Design.
  • Build. Brand. Design. Is a team of 5 who help women CEOs build brands, design their dream business, and have conversations about scaling their passion to profit
  • Ahfeeyah explains what scaling is and what it might look like to a designer
  • How Ahfeeyah’s business is in a pivot; she is refocusing on coaching programs, and says they are taking the design aspect and creating templates instead of working with one on one clients to help serve design clients they’ve worked with before
  • The Scale Strategy Lab which is Ahfeeyah’s group coaching, 12 week accelerator for women CEOs who are looking to take their business to the next level, looking to hire their dream team, and scale up
  • Once women complete The Scale Strategy Lab, they are pushed into Ahfeeyah’s mastermind called, Delegation Nation, which is a 6 month retainer that allows the CEO to take what they learned in the accelerator to the next level
  • Ahfeeyah explains the qualifications needed for her programs and what they teach in the program when it comes to hiring a team, which is hire for your next, not your now

What is Scaling?

  • How Ahfeeyah describes scaling is when you’ve gotten to a place of capacity, and when that happens she says you have to figure out what operations looks like, who you need to bring in, and what you need to do in order to take it to the next level — when you’re in that place, it’s time to scale your business
  • Typically, Ahfeeyah’s clients consist of coaches, creatives and experts who are normally service based providers
  • Ahfeeyah shares that designing templates for clients has given her the chance to increase her impact and influence to people and has given her an outlet in her business
  • Clients that come to Ahfeeyah usually already make 6 figures, have a signature offer and have had success but are wondering how to take it to the next level

Ahfeeyah’s Background + Stepping Into Her Purpose

  • What inspired Ahfeeyah while working at Harvard to do more and how she decided to leave Harvard to start her own business
  • Sometimes stepping into your purpose requires you to get out from what you’re hiding behind, which is often the work you’re doing
  • Ahfeeyah says that each season and lesson has taught her a set of skills and provided her with a lot of power to help her continue to step into her purpose
  • The business that Ahfeeyah scaled before she was 25 was her coaching firm — she explains how she grew and scaled that business, and also shares that she experienced burnout
  • When Ahfeeyah was at Harvard, she worked in HR which is where she got to see a lot of passion from different people
  • Ahfeeyah explains the back and forth she went through between corporate and running her own business and says looking back on it now, it makes sense because everything she did was preparing her for this moment and stepping into her purpose
  • How Ahfeeyah and I connected through a mutual friend, Sage Polaris
  • Ahfeeyah shares what her business looks like right now and adds even though they are pivoting out of design, she does provide creative direction for clients on certain projects and explains what that looks like
  • For anyone interested in The Scale Strategy Lab, you can get more information at www. the scale strategy, you can also visit build brand and hit the programs tab
  • If you want to connect with Ahfeeyah one on one, you can go to www. ahfeeyah or follow her on any social media platform by searching her name
  • Before leaving, Ahfeeyah wants to encourage everyone to walk in their own purpose and just know that how it started is not how it has to end — you can design your dream business


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Build. Brand. Design.

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