The Design Business Show 155: The Power of Mindset with Nita Scruggs

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | September 2, 2021
Check out episode 155 of The Design Business Show with Nita Scruggs to learn all about the mindset changes she’s made in her business!

Nita Scruggs is a Brand and Marketing Strategist who partners with CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands.

With 7 years of experience in design and marketing for established brands and startups, Nita knows what truly drives conversions and sold-out launches.

Nita has landed coverage in print, acquired in-person business presentations, and has solidified her knowledge in brand design by working with established online business professionals. In addition to her extensive design and marketing experience, she is also a trained Set up for success online business consultant and a certified law of attraction coach.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

How Mindset Work Helped Nita

  • How we originally met Nita on episode 121 of The Design Business Show — listen or read the show notes to learn all about building brand foundations in your business & Nita’s story
  • Nita explains that when we last connected she had transitioned into coaching/consulting in addition with her graphic design and web development and says she’s still on a similar path
  • The focus Nita has put into understanding the power of mindset, your beliefs, and the things that help you maintain a business when it comes to the solution she provides
  • Nita shares a common theme she was seeing with the women she was attracting and how deep within there is always something that needs fixed; she explains that you cannot heal yourself with a business, you have to go through a tough process that’s not going to be pretty
  • How Nita decided to be more accountable for transparency in her business, she doesn’t try to show up perfect, or show up pretending life doesn’t impact her —  it doesn’t mean she makes excuses but she wants the women she’s working with to know what she’s going through
  • Nita shares how the mindset work she had been doing really helped her through a difficult time last year when her husband was diagnosed with cancer and tells us how they navigated the pandemic with that news
  • Instead of beating yourself up when things aren’t getting done, Nita suggests making a list of what needs to be done first and says to give yourself grace when you don’t get certain things done
  • Why Nita allows herself to have bad days and sit in those feelings is so she can figure out why she’s feeling that way and so it doesn’t come back later; she teaches her clients to do the same thing, to just be
  • You have to be truly authentic and genuine in how you handle yourself every day, not just when people are watching, but what do you do when no one can see, how are you treating yourself, how are you stopping to acknowledge your wins, are you rushing your progress — ask yourself these questions
  • Nita reminds us that we can’t change anything but ourselves, and how asking all these questions really forced her to release control and unrealistic expectations
  • How Nita changed her business model to make sure she had some breathing room because she didn’t want to squeeze her life into her business, she wanted her business to compliment her life

New Offers in Nita’s Business

  • Nita started offering more digital products, like different templates because her hands were full doing other things, like homeschooling her children during the pandemic; she would coach people, then refer them to the templates she designed
  • Nita shares that she’s never had a digital product to sell before, so once she did, she realized how good it felt to have something done and not have to touch it again
  • What Nita created were digital designs, like Canva templates, Shopify templates and talks about the idea of selling business ideas
  • To find what Nita sells, go to, she also recently launched, which is for people who want to have a business in a box where you can start a drop shipping store
  • How Nita’s templates are DIY, which don’t offer support, but how she’s also been able to funnel some of those people up into her main offer which is full branding
  • Last year taught Nita so much about operating from a space that makes you feel whole, not just what makes everyone else happy
  • Nita’s 5 year goal is to have her private clients talk about mindset, help them elevate their personal goals, think more clear, and oversee all of her digital businesses and sip some wine on a yacht
  • How you have to understand what you need before you get the support you need and how Nita made a list of what she needed and made sure to put a thing or person in that place to help give her the support she needs
  • Nita shares the different people who give her support in her business and personal life
  • Find Nita on her website, head on over to Mockups and Moscato for templates, and connect with her on Instagram, or her new Instagram page called, Deliberate Creator, where she’ll be talking about all the mindset pieces


Links mentioned:

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