The Design Business Show 167: Create Business Assets Using Your Existing Services with Amisha Shrimanker

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | December 6, 2021
Check out episode 167 of The Design Business Show with Amisha Shrimanker to learn all about how she created assets in her business!

Amisha Shrimanker is a conversion copywriter and founder of The Copy Crew – a boutique copywriting agency. She specializes in writing launch copy for digital course creators, coaches, experts, and membership site launchers.

Amisha is also known as the person who *gives a damn* about her clients’ digital launches. Sometimes even more than they do.

She’s the creator of The ROI Sales Page, The CEO Essential Email Scripts and soon to be launched The Audit Superstar.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

The Start to Amisha’s Copywriting Career

  • How Amisha was introduced to my work at The Copywriter Underground where I did a guest training on design and how we met again at group coaching program and how we’ve been able to stay connected through the online space
  • Amisha shares that she was copywriting well before she ever called herself a copywriter and in 2018 decided to start her copywriting business which has been full of many experiences over the last 3 years
  • Through a Facebook group, Amisha was able to get her first client who needed a lead generation funnel – Amisha shares that it was a 5k project
  • Before starting her copywriting business, Amisha was working on building passive income through digital products and shares that it was not going well
  • Amisha heard a business coach say, the best way to make money if you want to get started in the online space is to offer a service because once you get really good at offering that service it’s easier to transition into coaching
  • After hearing that great piece of advice, Amisha decided to start offering copywriting as a service and would then think about coaching/mentoring as a next step in her career

Offers in Amisha’s Business + Her Business Pivot

  • How Amisha took time to think about what else she could do to create assets in her business and says she launched her digital shop this year
  • Amisha released The CEO Essential Email Scripts, which are 50 email scripts that help service providers frame their ask and help them with communication in different scenarios
  • Another offer Amisha has in business is her sales page copywriting mini course called, The ROI Sales Page, which is her take on how to write sales copy
  • Amisha is excited to share that she launched a group coaching offer, a 4-week bootcamp called, The Audit Superstar that teaches copywriters and digital marketers how to perform sales page audits
  • Amisha explains how taxing launches can be and says she realized the need for a better work-life balance so she looked at her services and thought about what she could teach to her clients that she was currently offering as a service – the first thing she thought of was teaching other copywriters how to perform sales page audits
  • Amisha’s take on VIP days and how audits are different
  • The pivot in Amisha’s business wasn’t really a big one she explains, it was more about thinking through what she had already been doing as a service provider and how she could teach that to other people and create other assets out of existing services
  • When most people hear about copywriters they think that they get paid to write and Amisha’s bold take on it is that she gets paid to think first, then she gets paid to write

Adding Personality in Your Writing + Amisha’s Team

  • Amisha explains that your professional emails don’t need to be boring and dry – you should be adding your values and personality because that’s what will make you memorable, she gives us an example of this by reading the first 3 sentences of one of her emails
  • With the power of technology and social media, your customers will look you up and they want to see that you carry the same personality across each platform, whether that’s on Instagram or through your emails
  • Amisha’s favorite emails to write are to her email list – she has 2 types of emails that go out to them, of course the normal tips + case studies and then she also has a series called, My Copy Couch, which goes out 1-2 times a month and is a behind the scenes look at her business
  • A look into Amisha’s boutique agency and her team which includes, Amisha as the chief strategist and writer, another copywriter who conducts all the market research, a professional copy editor and a tech VA who helps with funnel design and the tech setup
  • How Amisha isn’t ready to hire a junior copywriter yet because she’s not ready to give up that role in her business but has started identifying the parts of copy she might want to outsource when she’s ready
  • Amisha shares that she wants to explore the coaching side of the business more
  • Check out Amisha’s website to learn more about her and her business


Links mentioned:

The Copy Crew Website

The ROI Sales Page

The CEO Essential Email Scripts

The Audit Superstar


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