The Design Business Show 198: Setting Up Business Systems That Work for You with Shanice Miller

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | September 26, 2022
Check out episode 198 of The Design Business Show with Shanice Miller to learn about setting up strategic systems for your business.

Shanice Miller is a business productivity consultant, specializing in project management, who helps clients ranging from small startups to multi-million dollar businesses save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. Her passion for identifying and solving inefficiencies began when she sold her first business, an educational consultancy that had been recognized in Forbes and BET, at a less than premium price point because she didn’t have her systems and processes streamlined and documented. Over the last 10 years, Shanice has used her ability to identify operational inefficiencies and create solutions to not only help save her clients’ businesses (and hairlines), but to also fall in love with them again.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

How Shanice Started Her First Business, but Decided to Sell it After Burning Out

  • How I met Shanice through a connection from The Podwise Group
  • How Shanice helps her clients automate their processes, which gives them more time and a higher price point for their sales
  • How Shanice started off as an educational consultant, but quickly became overworked and overwhelmed because she was doing everything
  • Instead of closing her business, she decided to list it on an online marketplace, and got an offer
  • Shanice’s realization of the importance of documenting processes during the selling of her first business (and how she could have earned a larger payout)
  • After selling her business, Shanice did some soul searching and went back to corporate to work in project management
  • The advice her mom gave her about your first house being turn-key; and how she could apply that advice to her next business

A Peek at What Her Business, TasklyGroup, Looks Like Today

  • Why Shanice likes working with a small team
  • How she saved one design client 20+ hours a week by automating the review process using a project management tool
  • Why using the tool made it easier for her client to manage and saved her money because she was going to hire a virtual assistant to do it
  • The way she works with clients, through her VIP Days that show her clients how to break up tasks, put them into a project management tool and how to automate everything
  • Why she focuses on different departments like marketing, sales, customer onboarding
  • Mapping out tasks, hiring someone to do them for you, and creating a dashboard so you can see what tasks are in progress, overdue or when someone is stuck
  • Why she wants her systems to create a calming feeling for her clients when handing over projects + tasks to your team
  • Why Shanice’s favorite project management system is ClickUp and some of her favorite features that mean you don’t have to use multiple tools
  • How Shanice works with clients on their systems + preferred project tools, and the workarounds she uses; like creating automations using Zapier
  • Why Shanice wishes she would’ve done the systems early on; and why she wishes she had a better financial strategy
  • A peek behind-the-scenes of what the client session looks like
  • Shanice walks be through creating new client onboarding processes + as I create a new services page for my website
  • Shanice shares some of her big picture goals for her business, like only working 5-10 hours a week while overseeing tasks


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