The Design Business Show 216: Elevating Your Self-Image Through Branding with Sherwanna Livingston

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | February 20, 2023
Check out episode 216 of The Design Business Show with Sherwanna Livingston to learn about her enterprise Live Love Your Passion LLC.

Sherwanna Livingston is a brand strategist, digital entrepreneur, mother, speaker and influential leader who brings a fresh approach to bringing brand visions to life. Known as “The Vision Catcher”, Sherwanna provides innovative branding and business consulting solutions through her enterprise Live Love Your Passion LLC . Over the course of five years, Sherwanna has been blessed to consult over 100 small businesses nationwide and serve thousands of entrepreneurs in her online community. She’s been featured in Digital Journal, FOX, Shoutout DFW, Voyage Dallas, and has also been the guest on several podcasts and live radio shows.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

How Sherwanna Get Started + Elevating Self-Image 

  • Sherwanna shares that she worked in corporate America as a corporate trainer and was laid off while 5 months pregnant
  • The story behind when Sherwanna launched her YouTube Channel in 2018 called, Live Love Your Passion about mindset, personal development, and helping others go after their passion
  • Sherwanna did everything from the graphics to editing for her channel, and soon people began to ask her to help with their brands
  • 2018/2019 was a time when people wanted their Instagram feed to be aesthetically pleasing, so Sherwanna started by doing Instagram makeovers – there wasn’t much strategy behind it because people just wanted it to look good
  • Soon, Sherwanna realized her picture-perfect feed and the feeds she was creating for clients didn’t reflect their true selves, which is why she doesn’t fully believe in doing that anymore
  • Sherwanna likes to dig deep with all clients but especially ones who only care about something looking good – she usually finds that there’s a self-image issue
  • Why Sherwanna is going to launch a self-image program that will help people elevate their internal image, show up 100% confidently in themselves, and help bridge the gap between whom they envision themselves being and who they are now
  • Your business and personal brands need to tie together because the vision you have for your business came from you – it starts as a personal vision
  • Sherwanna shares why it’s so important for people to know who they are in relation to the thing they are creating
  • We are in a time where you can’t just have a logo and a company and no one showing up, interacting as a person for your company

What Sherwanna’s Business Looks Like + Following Your Visions

  • Sherwanna explains that now her business looks like helping nonprofits/socially responsible organizations and shares how she was able to help Urban Specialists, a local Dallas, TX nonprofit, and UTOPIA Washington, an international nonprofit
  • On the personal side, Sherwanna helps coach small businesses to secure corporate contracts, and she helps coach people on personal branding, which will be her main focus this year
  • How Sherwanna realized there’s a big branding gap for most nonprofits because for-profit companies normally have the branding together or even have an internal team to handle it, but nonprofits usually don’t, which is why she wants to help them
  • Sherwanna is S/WMBE certified (small business, women-owned business, and minority business enterprise certified) and explains what advantages it has for her business and how it creates stability
  • Government entities and corporations have contracts put aside to work with small businesses, minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, etc.
  • Sherwanna’s Road to Certified Program helps you certify your business to qualify for grants, corporate, and government contracts
  • One thing Sherwanna wants to step into is UGC (user-generated content) – she shares how she would do that and that she’s stepped into the TikTok space
  • With Sherwanna’s personal brand, she wants to become more of who she really is – she loves beauty and cooking and wants to show more of that
  • Sherwanna’s advice is to not be afraid to do that one thing that you feel called to do – go after your visions and ideas
  • Check out the LLYP Studios Website and connect with her on Instagram or Facebook 


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LLYP Studios Website

LLYP Academy – Road To Certified 

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Connect with Sherwanna on Facebook


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