The Design Business Show 226: The Rise of Visual Design in Marketing with Jaclyn Mullen

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | May 1, 2023
Check out episode 226 of The Design Business Show with Jaclyn Mullen to learn about visual design in digital marketing.

From solopreneur to startup marketer. Jaclyn Mullen is currently the Head of Marketing for TheLoops AI. Much of her ability to help startups with their digital marketing success comes from her past experience as a solopreneur and founder of Jaclyn Mullen Media. When she isn’t online building genuine connections or upleveling her marketing game, you can find her enjoying her family–son, fur baby and husband–and finding her next foodie spot.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

Jaclyn Mullen Media + Digital World Changes

  • Jaclyn and I met in 2013/14 and have seen each of our businesses and lives change throughout the years
  • When Jaclyn and I first met, she had an organic social media agency where she would post on Facebook and Twitter for people – this was before Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok
  • Jaclyn previously worked as a solopreneur in digital marketing and now works in the start-up world as a head of marketing
  • How the rise of digital and websites kept popping up, so in 2006, Jaclyn quit her job and decided she was going to work for herself doing consulting
  • Jaclyn tells us how Jaclyn Mullen Media was created and how she was able to participate in the Tory Burch Goldman Sachs Foundation Program that helps female entrepreneurs scale their businesses and get to the next level, which gave her the foundation for where she is today
  • When you go through a challenging situation where you have to split your time, Jaclyn says you discover skills you didn’t know you had, like making quick decisions, a willingness to put yourself out there, and figuring out how to leverage what you’re doing now to help yourself in the future
  • Two important things Jaclyn suggests you do in this growing digital world are connecting with people and being quick to use new digital tools and resources
  • Jaclyn explains how start-ups work and what she does in her current role as head of marketing
  • The gist of marketing is making sure you’re connecting with your customers and focusing on growing your brand 
  • What’s become newer, especially in B2B (business to business) marketing, is that the marketing team is tied to a revenue goal
  • Jaclyn explains why there’s not much difference between marketing for a tech brand vs. a digital brand or physical brand

Visual Design + Making Relationships

  • The importance of visual design and how it is integrated everywhere – Jaclyn explains that growing up, they had a lot of textual information, but now it’s all about capturing attention on these smaller devices where text is not as aesthetically pleasing
  • Every single marketing leader needs to understand that every brand needs to have a graphic designer or brand manager as part of their team and learn how to communicate their vision to the designer to identify their own look and feel
  • Jaclyn says that tying how visual design is going to impact revenue is important, especially if you are a freelance graphic designer
  • When you work in tech, you are going to have rapid product updates, so Jaclyn explains how to break out your marketing matrix and gives examples of micro-campaigns during tech launches
  • On the coaching and product side, you’re looking at launching quarterly or semi-annually, but Jaclyn explains that tech moves a lot faster because the buying cycle is longer
  • Jaclyn shares the self-doubt she experienced before stepping into her new role as head of marketing and also shares how grateful she is for her current CEO’s support  
  • When it comes to making and maintaining relationships, Jaclyn says you get what you put into it 
  • Life is very short, and you aren’t guaranteed time, which is why Jaclyn says that even in this busy day in age, it’s important to let those who have had meaning in our life know
  • The last 3 jobs Jaclyn has had were due to LinkedIn, so she suggests having a presence on LinkedIn and using it for more than just a copy of your resume or portfolio
  • Jaclyn shares some things to post, like your unique way of doing things, tips and tricks you’ve learned, and what you’ve been working on
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