The Design Business Show 230: Understanding AI for the Creative World with Jaye Cherenfant

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | May 29, 2023
Check out episode 230 of The Design Business Show with Jaye Cherenfant to learn about AI.

Jaye is a creative professional with a passion for creative design, AI, and driving positive change. When she is not immersed in the world of technology, you can find her outside in the garden, cultivating nourishment from the earth, and spending quality time with her children. She believes in the power of technology to make a difference and is dedicated to using her knowledge of AI, web and graphic design, and Salesforce administration to help businesses and individuals thrive while making technology more accessible to all. She believes in the power of AI to help level the playing field. Jaye actively seeks to serve marginalized, and under-recognized communities by bridging the digital divide and creating equal opportunities for all.

As an experienced public speaker, Jaye shares her insights on the transformative impact of AI and design while advocating for accessibility, inclusivity, and diversity in the tech industry. Jaye is driven by her heart for serving others and making a meaningful difference in the world.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

Jaye’s Background + How AI Works  

  • How we are going to talk about AI (artificial intelligence) on today’s episode 
  • Jaye explains how she got a full-ride scholarship playing field hockey while studying broadcast journalism  
  • After graduating college, Jaye worked for a nonprofit where she did leadership training, graphic design, web design, videography, and more, which helped her develop her toolbox
  • When the pandemic hit, Jaye decided to homeschool her kids for a year and a half and then transitioned into tech after they enrolled back in school
  • How I started the show almost 5 years ago because I felt that I wasn’t good enough in this field, I didn’t know the opportunities were available to me, and because I wanted to learn from others 
  • Jaye shares that she has an agricultural business that will be relaunching sometime that teaches people how to garden and grow their own food and herbal medicine on any budget and in any space 
  • I know a little about AI, and I understand that AI is becoming a driving force in my field and can be an asset in business 
  • Jaye says once people find practical uses for AI, their opinion on it usually shifts
  • We talk about some of the trends in AI, and Jaye explains how the content from AI is originated
  • AI software takes all of the prompts you give it and turns them into a number first, and then it spits out words and images for us 
  • Jaye says she has been able to recognize the patterns in AI; for example, AI used a lot of passive words in its writing

AI’s Impact on the Creative World + Jaye’s Business 

  • Learning to prompt well is the key to getting what you want from AI – Jay starts by giving it a role, then telling it its task by specifying dos and don’ts, and lastly, giving it a format to respond  
  • Personally, Jaye doesn’t believe that AI will take everyone’s jobs; some roles may be phased out as it evolves, and companies may believe they can get rid of positions because of it, but she believes they will be at a loss 
  • In a few years, Jaye thinks companies that still offer a human touch will be the niche market, and that will differentiate them from other companies 
  • As designers, we are inspired by others all the time, so we should look at AI as a shortcut and not fear it – you want to be the person who understands how to use the technology 
  • Jaye shares how she had been looking for Salesforce administrative jobs but found generative art at the end of January, which led her to AI
  • How Jaye created her own tech consulting company, which merges visual strategy and design with AI 
  • Jaye’s goal is to teach people how to use AI to enhance their lives 
  • If you want to learn more about AI or how to work with Jaye, visit her website
  • Connect with Jaye on LinkedIn or Twitter 
  • Jaye is creating a blog to go along with her website so people can learn more about their AI services 
  • The Melanated AI Network is for people of color and allies who want to learn about the tech and discuss it in a safe place 
  • With AI, there is a different trend every week, and Jaye shares her current favorites in the space 
  • Although AI technology is amazing, Jaye thinks the ethical issues need to be addressed 


Links mentioned:

Jaye Creates Website

Connect with Jaye on LinkedIn

Connect with Jaye on Twitter 

The Melanated AI Network

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