The Design Business Show 233: Creating a Powerful Message with Holistic and Aromatherapy Consultant, Renee Hughes

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | June 19, 2023
Check out episode 233 of The Design Business Show with Renee Hughes to learn about messaging and holistic health.

Renee Hughes serves the clinical aromatherapy community. She partners with them to advance in their businesses. She does this by helping them to create authentic captivating messages, and speaking skills. Renee herself is a Certified Professional Aromatherapist and a Natural Health Consultant. She understands the clinical and emotional factors involved in being a clinical holistic practitioner.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

Renee’s Background + Start to Holistic Health 

  • Renee started in marketing and VA support but always craved the holistic world and shares she wanted to be a clinical practitioner but thought she was too old to go back to school 
  • How Renee ended up going back to school to get her certification to be a natural health consultant and went on to specialize in aromatherapy and psycho aromatherapy
  • After going back to school, Renee created a program where she helps other practitioners boost their mood – this has molded into the speaker training they do now  
  • Renee’s health problems from a young age contributed to her curiosity about holistic health, and she shares that a mentor of hers taught her a lot, and once she started making small changes, it completely shifted her health
  • How Renee tested her program on women with chronic illness and used aromatherapy to reduce pain and inflammation, which went well, but she discovered the emotional piece was so much more impactful, which is why she got into psycho aromatherapy
  • While running her practice, Renee realized there were a lot of creatives in her world who wanted to do what she was doing, so she decided she wanted to have a business that trains people like her to be successful at it 
  • Deciding to focus on messaging is what sets Renee apart from others because people can connect with their audience through what they say and how they say it  
  • Incorporating psycho aromatherapy was an easy decision because so much of being successful in the creative and holistic space involves getting rid of fears, being confident, learning your zone of genius, and getting comfortable in it

Creating Strong Relationships + Getting Clear on Messaging

  • What has worked for Renee when it comes to getting clients has been learning to create real connections with the audience she has 
  • Everyone needs a clear, powerful message as to what they do, why they do it, and how they do it – Renee says one way you’ll know if you have great messaging is based on how many referrals you get because people know exactly what you do and will refer you 
  • If your clients are constantly asking you for things you don’t offer, that’s a good indicator that your messaging is not clear
  • When you’re pivoting your business, you want to make sure you’re clear and honest with your audience and make sure there is a need for it 
  • If Renee is thinking about changing or adding something to her business, she likes to ask her audience what they think because it’s powerful to bring them into the creative process 
  • I talk about the new Be Nice to My Brand workshops I’m doing to help people discover if they’re nice to their brand, if they are nice in the way they talk to themselves as the founder, if their team is on board with the brand, and vision, are how you’re creating ways to get people excited about your brand
  • People don’t crave working with you until you have hit their emotions, connected with them in some way, and understood the transformation you can provide 
  • Renee says there are a lot of different systems that can work for your business, but none of it works if your messaging isn’t clear or if you’re talking to the wrong people 
  • The approach Renee likes to use when creating relationships is similar to one that you would use to create a genuine friendship 
  • Don’t be afraid to get to know yourself, find what you’re looking for, and continue to ask yourself if you are clear on what you do
  • When I was doing sales page design, I would also help with people’s brands but only charge for the sales page design, so now I want to help people build their brand from start to finish 
  • How I’m giving myself a couple of years to be a consultant so I can get into the space I want, which is the beauty industry 
  • Renee invites everyone to come to their next event, Bold and Booked, where you’ll learn about their company and what they do, plus there will be a live training on speaking  


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