The Design Business Show 241: Trips for Crafting Effective Pitches from Podcasting Connector Noemi Beres

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | August 21, 2023

Noémi Beres is the Co-Owner of Podcast Connections. She helps entrepreneurs and business owners share their knowledge and connect them to quality podcast shows. In addition, Noemi is dedicated to helping experts grow their businesses with interviews.

She started to work in the online marketing field back in 2007. Noemi has a Master’s Degree in Danish Literature and Language; she is a linguist, content creator, and “master organizer.” Noemi is also a collage artist. She makes hand-sewn collages on canvas made from old photos, postcards, colorful yarn, and textiles.

Here’s what we covered on the episode:

  • We learn how I connected with Noemi as her agency has pitched several guests for my show
  • We learn how Noemi had a travel company and started Podcast Connections with her husband after the pandemic
  • We learned some of the things that Noemi and her husband did to make it easy to run her business, including digital marketing, great communication and networking
  • We learn how Noemi gets her clients; and how it’s important to try to put yourself out there to get the clients you want do attract
  • When it’s time to pitch yourself for podcasts, it’s important to have your bio and topics ready, do your research and listen to podcasts so you have an idea what a podcast hosts
  • Why it’s important to personalize your pitches, and how you can add value to the host and the listeners
  • Why some experts treat a podcast interview as an advertisement, and instead, it’s about what you can share and how you can help others as the podcast audience wants to learn something.
  • Noemi shares the process she uses to work with her guests to research and understand their expertise, and to choose their podcasts
  • Noemi shares that she does do all of the pitching for her clients, and she shares how she follows up, and tells her clients when they get a “no”
  • Melissa shares her desire to have a conversation with guests, and how she navigates those episodes
  • Noemi shares her process for being a good guest on a podcast. First, you should listen to the episode, and why it’s important to have both good sound and lighting
  • You should also prepare your talking points + topics ahead of time to make sure the interview resonates with the audience
  • Why it’s important to relax, be in a good headspace, and a quiet place before your podcast interview
  • Why the theme for Noemi’s services is simplicity, and the process for every client is the same
  • Noemi share’s her onboarding process includes a discovery call, bio creation, topic ideas, social sharing links for guests and interview prep
  • Why Noemi thinks it’s important to continue a relationship with your podcast host, because an interview is just the beginning of the relationship
  • Why it’s important to share your podcast interview on different platforms, create audio grams, video grams because the interviews create a ton of content

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