The Design Business Show 008: Creating a More Profitable Web Design Business with Erin Flynn

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | January 14, 2019
Learn tips and tricks for making more money in your design business with Erin Flynn.

Show Notes:

On Today’s show, I interview my friend, Erin Flynn. Erin has been making websites since 1999, and started her own web design and development company in 2012. She’s spent the past six years figuring out the business part of running a freelance web design business so that you don’t have to.

Here’s the deal: running a truly profitable web design business takes more than design and coding skills. You’ve got to have the business skills nailed down too so that you have smooth processes, happy clients, and actually have a business that makes money without working ALL THE TIME. That’s where Erin comes in.

When she’s not teaching designers or working with her own design/development clients, Erin can be found exploring the mountains near her home in Aspen, Colorado.

On today’s episode, here’s what we talk about:

  • How she made $750 for her first website client at 17
  • How her communication degree proved to be valuable when she started her business
  • Her crappy job situation lead to her landing her first official web design client, who she still works with today
  • How designers can choose clients who are respectful and will be a good fit
  • How designers can create an intro packet to send to potential clients to explain the project process, payment plans, how she communicates with clients and more
  • When she started to teach designers how to run the business side of their businesses and what the mistakes designers make when selling a website package
  • Her method for listening to her ideal clients to see what they’re struggling with
  • How she got her first business client
  • Why designers should focus on selling the solution versus a pretty website
  • How establishing yourself as an expert and finding people in complimentary industries helped her get referrals early on
  • How designers can take 10 minutes to map out all the steps of their design project process
  • Learn her personal process for working with her web clients and how she collaborates with other creatives
  • Why she’s creating a course for web designers who want to charge $5K or more for website design

Links mentioned:

Erin’s Website

Erin’s Web Design Course (affiliate link)

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