The Design Business Show 007: Create Your Success List in 2019

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | January 9, 2019
This simple exercise will help you go from feeling “blah” to “yay” as we get ready for success in 2019.

Show summary:

This simple exercise will help you go from feeling “blah” to “yay” as we get ready for success in 2019.

I’ve spent the last quarter of 2018 on a biz sabbatical while figuring out what I want to do with my biz-life. I’ve considered quitting 100x.

In my early freelance days I was so busy hustling to get clients that I never looked at my big picture or set goals – I just did the work and moved onto the next client as if it were my job.

YES – I was treating my business like a job. 😲

I’m here to help you do the work to create your dream design business. Not your dream design job!

Get the clients you want.

Charge rates that will help you hit a profit in your business.

Say no to projects that don’t fit.

And become the expert in your design field.

I’m implementing new rules for myself + my business in 2019. I spent most of the year thinking that I wasn’t enough. Self-care wasn’t my highest priority – and that changes now. Basically, I’m putting the ME back in Melissa.

One of my favorite things to do is to create a success list.

I got this assignment from Lana Shlafer – who is a biz friend, manifestation expert (really she’s more than that!) and client of mine. When we were working on her sales page design, she coached me and helped me realize that I had literally + physically been carrying this weight in my belly with regards to my kids and my business.

She had me write down a list of 50 things that I was proud of and grateful for. It sounds easy, but when you do it, anything past 20 is hard. 

The things you write down don’t have to be just business related – to me it’s all of who I am, so I include it all. 

So if you are feeling behind because you haven’t done any of the “new year” new me stuff everyone is posting about, then get to it.

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