The Design Business Show 010: Self-Care, Instagram and Marketing Tips from Mary Alvizures

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | January 31, 2019
Avoid burnout and learn Instagram marketing strategies for designers with Mary Alvizures

On Today’s show, I interview Mary Alvizures, the founder of MINTGEM, a branding + web design company based in sunny Los Angeles. Mary is a designer, foodie, traveler, optimist and lover of life! You can find her being a girl boss and branding expert at MINTGEM. Specializing in branding, website design and instagram marketing, she

loves working with purpose driven women in business, go-getters, movers, shakers – making the world a better place and making sure they look good doing so!

When she is not designing or bringing visions to digital life, she travels for inspiration and new adventures – meeting new people and taking in all the beauty life has to offer along the way. In her free time she also loves to read or listen to audio books, dance to good music and catch some fun under the sun.

On today’s episode, here’s what we cover:

  • How she got started in the fashion industry and started her business on the side helping with marketing and design
  • Before she started her business, she was planning events and learned a lot but also experienced self doubt
  • She asked herself “What am I good at?” and “What could I do with the things I’m passionate about”
  • Learn how designers can see success by doing design for event planners and what it takes to create the best design experience for your events
  • How designers can connect with event planners by doing research, reaching out and getting to know the flowout
  • How she started out by “faking it” and specialized in web design
  • How she grew her business through referrals, in-person networking, and keeping her marketing simple
  • Her specific tips for using Instagram for marketing like updating your bio, using a photo of you, showing off your work, and just sharing what makes you happy to help improve connections with your audience
  • Why she thinks you should show up every day on Instagram and why looks are everything
  • Learn how she added marketing to her web design projects to help her clients with marketing
  • How designers can package themselves as a web designers by getting to know what their clients need
  • If designers don’t like marketing, they should partner with someone who can help with that aspect of the web design project
  • Learn what her business looks like today, versus in the beginning when she did too much
  • Why making time for self care makes you a better business owner
  • How celebrating the little things, keeping things simple helped her be a better business owner
  • Why designers should take care of themselves because our hands and our minds are what make us money

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