The Design Business Show 011: Working with a Mentor, Collaborating with Other Creatives and Creating an Intentional Brand with Rachel Pesso

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | February 5, 2019
Learn Rachel’s tips for creating a business that serves your needs + branding tips you won’t want to miss

On Today’s show, I talk to my friend Rachel Pesso. Rachel is a storyteller, art director and big-hearted humanitarian. She designs beautiful websites to showcase your big vision. With 10+ years experience, she blends high-level strategy, collaboration, and deep love to design who you are online.


On today’s episode, here’s what we cover:

  • Learn about one of my favorite Instagram posts taken in Bora Bora while she was on her honeymoon
  • Why designers should not put off getting photos taken + learn the importance of looking good
  • Learn why she was over working in the corporate world, she wanted to her ideas to be seen & heard
  • How she goes back to her roots of designing layouts for magazines in her design business
  • Learn about her experience during her first collaboration
  • Her experience working with a mentor, who is now Marie Forleo’s creative director, and also someone she went to design school with.
  • How her mentor taught her to just be herself + how one referral was the stepping stone project to more like it
  • Why she believes that no designer is better than another, we’re all just at different levels
  • Designers should go all in and over deliver when working on different client projects
  • Why most designers feel alone, but really we’re all just people, and why competition/comparison is silly and what magical things can happen when you collaborate
  • Learn about the different phases of in your design business and how you can hop onto the next wave
  • Whey designers should create the work they want to versus doing something just to do it.
  • How she spends time building relationships and that always leads to more referrals
  • Why she puts in time to go to more events and get exposure to new clients
  • How her Soul Collective process of diving into her clients’ story with intention while building their brand
  • Why she always does this work before she designs
  • Learn more about her Soul Collective Brand Workshop in Miami and how she’s making branding something people can digest
  • Her tips for collaborating with other creatives and why listening to others and deciding your own boundaries & boundaries for each project + why you should speak up if something isn’t working


Links mentioned:

Rachel’s Instagram Post

Elizabeth DiAlto’s site that Rachel designed

Rachel’s Brand Workshop

Rachel’s Website


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