The Design Business Show 012: Building Know, Like and Trust Factor As Your Business Evolves with Lexi D’Angelo

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | February 7, 2019
Learn how Lexi D’Angelo transitioned from coaching to offering brand design, a DIY brand course, and a website theme shop!

Lexi is the Founder and Creative Director over at Brand Party 🎉—a brand strategy + web design firm for bold leaders who not only want an attraction brand that skyrockets their online presence but a CONVERSION brand that multiplies their profits ⚡

Lexi’s latest focus has been on Brand Party’s Website Theme Shop—aka the ONLY theme shop that combines iconic design that captivates, innovative features that capture, and strategic layouts that convert—all while feeling custom AF and being affordable AF. With Brand Party’s themes you can finally have a website that doesn’t suck—your time, money, energy or personality 😝


On today’s episode, here’s what we cover:

  • Lexi’s entrepreneurial spirit, her coaching business, and starting out as an ice cream cake designer with no experience
  • How she started out as the face of her business
  • How being a high Quick Start on the Kolbe Assessment helps her get super excited about what she’s doing that she focuses on nothing else and then runs into burnout
  • How she taught herself how to design and why she had to create her own amazing graphics to be a successful coach
  • Whey she told people no when they asked her to design graphics for them
  • How one of her biz BFF’s finally convinced her to put a design offer out there to see if people were interested
  • How she offered branding at a discount rate and then asked for feedback
  • How sharing what she was doing everywhere online helped her get tagged when people said they needed a designer
  • Why Instagram is a great place to share visuals of what you’re doing
  • Why we both think conversion design is the way to go for designers
  • Why listening to what her audience wanted, she created a course for DIY branding
  • Why she created a website theme shop to help meet everyone’s needs
  • Tips for designers who want to create a course
  • How to plan social media posts
  • How she created success by diving into what lit her up
  • The strategy she used to generate over $21K in revenue before the website theme shop was ready
  • What went wrong in the process of creating the website theme shop, and strategies designers can use to work with other creatives so that projects get created with ease
  • How she ended up partnering with ShowIt for her website theme shop and it’s helped her so much
  • How Lexi Keeps evolving and what she’s doing next


Links mentioned:

The Kolbe Assessment

Lexi’s Website Theme Shop

Lexi’s Website

Krista Rae

Lexi’s Mastermind


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