The Design Business Show 017: Quantum Leaps + Making Design Available to Everyone with Natalie Thomas (Student Spotlight)

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | February 21, 2019
Listen to episode 17 of The Design Business Show with one of my favorite students, Natalie Thomas, about her quantum leaps and making design available to everyone!

This interview is a part of a series I’m doing where I show off my students and bring them on to talk about their genius, and their story of success. Today I’m excited to speak with Natalie Thomas, a Graphic Designer based in Jackson, Mississippi that specializes in serving small businesses, startups, and solopreneurs with custom brand identity and web/UI design.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Why she started her business, how she figured out what she like doing and listened to how people reacted to her work to find her secret talent
  • She quit her job and then found her new title as a web and brand strategist and started serving better clients
  • How she got her first few clients through word of mouth and connected with a developer who constantly gives her websites to design
  • How designers can find communities in their town with people that she likes, and how she found the local meetup groups she likes
  • How she found out about me, why she applied to the Design Business Accelerator, and she loved that I sent her a personal email.
  • Her experience participating in the first round and how she needed support and someone that could push her and give her advice that was tailored to her!
  • How she treats her business like a business and has contracts, and different price points and expectations for both her and her clients
  • How she hit rock bottom and saw faith in herself
  • Her goal was to replace her full time income salary in December 2018 and had her highest month ever
  • Her goals for this year are to hit her target clients more, and grow her revenue
  • Why she’s starting a local women in tech meetup group
  • Her advice to designers who want to go to the next level, inspired by her dad

Links mentioned:

Natalie’s Website

Natalie’s Instagram

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