The Design Business Show 016: Mastering Your Onboarding Process

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | February 20, 2019
Create a top-notch experience my stealing my personal onboarding process for your design projects.

We’re talking all about mastering your onboarding process today. I get more compliments from my clients about the level of service I provide than the fact that they hit 6 and 7 figures in one launch using my sales pages. What you can take away from this is that I believe that designers and creatives who provide a higher level of service will be the ones to stand out, get more referrals, more clients and more sales.

So in this episode, I break down my exact onboarding process that I use for my sales page clients.

Here are the steps:

  1. I say thank you when I get an inquiry and send them to my sales page for sales page design.
  2. If they’re interested, they can fill out my inquiry form. These are the questions that I use in mine:
  • First and Last Name *               
  • Email *
  • Phone *
  • Location
  • City *
  • State *
  • Country *
  • What is your website URL? *
  • Facebook page URL? *
  • What is the name and cost of your product or service? *
  • How much revenue has this course, product or service generated for your business? *
  • What is your sales goal for your next launch? *
  • What is your business revenue goal for the current year?
  • How many people do you have on your success team? A virtual assistant? An online business manager? A copywriter? Even if you use different contractors at different times, I’d like to know who they are! *
  • What is your biggest pet peeve about your current sales page? (Share the link here if it’s live)*
  • What do you love about your current sales page? *
  • How many customers has your business served? *
  • What are the specific dates of your launch? (Include cart-open dates, cart-close dates, webinar dates, video launch dates or any other important dates related to your launch.)
  • What is the dream date that your sales page 100% finished? *
  • Do you prefer to develop your Sales Page on a WordPress template and/or theme? Or would using good old fashioned HTML be okay? ( Development using HTML is quicker and you’d most likely need to rely on a developer to make changes after the project is complete. WordPress gives you the option to make changes if you needed to easier, but can take longer to develop depending on the length of your page! ) *
  • Do you have a preferred copywriter that you’d like to work with? ( I have a rolodex of preferred copywriters I work with and can bring my copywriter on for the project at an additional cost. We’ll discuss the best possibilities for your sales page during our initial call together. ) *
  • Sometimes my clients need support making changes to their sales page during high-touch promos like launches or as it closer to their live events. Will you need any design, copy or developmental changes made to your sales page after we finish your sales page? *
  • What’s your budget for this project? The minimum investment for a long-form sales page design with me is $3500. Everyone who fills out this form gets an invite for a complimentary call with me – so I encourage you to connect!
  • Anything else I should know? *
  • How did you hear about me? *   
  1. The client fills out the form. The form automatically sends them an email.
  2. I invite them to schedule a call with me using Calendly.
  3. I remind them about the call.
  4. On the call, we talk about their business, their process, their goals, their product, my process, who’s on their team, the results my clients have gotten, and show them samples of my work.
  5. If they want to work with me, I create a proposal from a template I already have. (Join my community for a free template – or join The Design Business Accelerator when it’s open to get access to all of my templates!!)
  6. Once they say yes, I draw up a contract for the client to electronically using HelloSign and send over the first invoice (I make them in Illustrator!).

I truly believe creating better experiences for my clients is what sets me apart from most designers out there, so you should do it too!

Links mentioned:

My sales page for sales page design

The Design Business Accelerator

My Designer Community (it’s FREE)




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