The Design Business Show 015: Finding Your Sweet Spot + Launching a Course with Melanie Tvete (Student Spotlight)

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | February 15, 2019
Learn how Melanie Tvete found her sweet spot and launched her first course.

This is the first of a series I’m doing where I show off my students and bring them on to talk about their genius, and their story of success. Today I’m excited to speak with Melanie Tvete, a consultant, strategist, and educator who helps heart-driven entrepreneurs connect the dots between design, marketing, and strategy.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Listen to Melanie’s story and hear about her creative experience
  • Learn how her QA stills helps her clients find the missing pieces in their marketing process
  • How to learn what you want to be doing in your business and how she found her sweet spot for reviewing her clients marketing funnels
  • How she started her business 2 years ago
  • Where she was in her business when she decided to join my mastermind
  • Hear how she launched her first beta course and why taking action fueled her process
  • Learn what she’s up to now and find out more about her course and brand archetypes
  • How designers should know when to take a leap and invest in mentorship

Links mentioned:

Melanie’s Website

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