The Design Business Show 028: Creating Intentional Brands with Chris Beltran

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | April 26, 2019
Join me for episode 28 of The Design Business Show where I speak with Chris Beltran about creating intentional brands, boundaries, and how investing in himself has helped him grow his business.

Chris Beltran is an award winning graphic designer who has worked with some of today’s top online entrepreneurs that run six & seven figure brands.

As a leading expert in personal branding, he has worked with notable TEDx speakers, Bestselling authors and world renowned influencers that lead massive passionate followings.

He helps online experts be more intentional with their brand so they can gain the trust they need to charge what they deserve.

Here’s what we cover during episode 028:

  • How double majoring in college helped him to create his own personal position at work
  • Why he left his dream job to start his own agency business
  • How taking a James Wedmore’s program, Business By Design helped Chris with business strategy
  • How being a part of the community helped him get more projects without needing to advertise
  • Which of his personal qualities and tools he uses in order to create a better personal branding service for his clients
  • Why he thinks that knowing a brands’ story is essential when creating a visual personal brand
  • Why he thinks branding should be the first thing you do when starting your online business
  • The key things you can do to help your business if you are not ready for a full rebrand
  • What does the word “personal” in “personal branding” really stands for
  • His tips for choosing a design conferences to attend
  • How he created his own branding program and used Instagram to share his value
  • Tips and tricks on how to stand out on Instagram by showing your work processes
  • Why branding gives his clients a new confidence and how important this confidence is when making business decisions
  • How joining communities and coaching programs can take your business to another level
  • How setting your boundaries and choosing who you want to work with can help you in the long run
  • Why it’s important to keep raising your price and what does “honoring your value” really means

Links mentioned:

James Wedmore’s Business By Design Course

Story Brand

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