The Design Business Show 027: Mastering your Sales Call Process with Natalie McGuire

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | April 17, 2019
Join me for episode 27 of The Design Business Show with Natalie McGuire, and we cover using social media as designers, why designers should check Google Analytics, and how to create a sales call process that works for you!

Natalie McGuire creates award-winning web designs and digital strategy with beauty and brains for purpose-driven solopreneurs. She knows your website shouldn’t just be a pretty picture online, it should get results, too.

She takes a design-meets-strategy fueled approach to her work, and works with clients, like PBS, David Siteman Garland from The Rise to the Top, and Amy Porterfield. She’s also a Mentor & Coach for other designers looking to level up the business side of their design business by showing them how to bring in more prospects, manage clients, balance their projects, set income goals, and more.

She believes the world is a prettier place when you make money doing what you love, and enjoy a few beers in the process.

Here’s what we cover during episode 027:

  • How sometimes it is good to go against the current and find what feels right for you when it comes to social media and your online presence as an entrepreneur
  • How she uses Google Analytics to get a better idea of where her traffic is coming from and analyzes the data in order to create a better user experience
  • How working with Google Analytics can help you create a better strategy for your business
  • She started designing in 2004, studied graphic design and worked at the traditional 9 to 5 job for almost 10 years while also freelancing on the side
  • In 2013 she left her job at the agency to focus on her freelancing career only
  • She set up a financial system for herself which helped her to save enough money to feel safe after leaving the traditional workplace
  • How she managed to maintain a good relationship with her employer while working at the agency and freelancing at the same time
  • Strategies that helped Natalie to land clients 6 months in advance while working full time at the agency
  • The things she enjoys the most when mentoring other designers and helping them with their businesses
  • She shares her tips and tricks on creating a custom sales process
  • Why she creates a welcome video for her new clients and how it helps to seal the deal
  • Natalie shares her own guidelines that help her successfully navigate her booking calls
  • Why listening to people when making a sale is the number 1 tool that helps Natalie get most of her clients
  • The main things that are going on in her business right now and how she’s moving from 1 on 1 design work to teaching online courses
  • Financial aspects of private labeling her courses
  • Tips for designers who want to create their own online course

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