The Design Business Show 026: Launching a Profitable Business as a WordPress Developer with Krista Miller

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | April 11, 2019
Join me for episode 26 of The Design Business Show with Krista Miller, one of my most recommended WordPress developers about her project processes, and how she helps designers save more time.

Krista is a WordPress developer, co-host of the Get Back To Design Podcast, and creator of the Simply Profitable Designer Summit. She specializes in collaborating with passionate designers to craft websites that directly support their clients’ goals, while helping them simplify their businesses to spend more time doing what they love – design.

  • How she left her full-time job as a developer and started her own business beginning with theme building
  • How her background provided a solid foundation in writing code
  • The experience that led her to her true business calling
  • Her recommendations on learning WordPress development and offering it as a service
  • Krista’s co-hosted podcast called Get Back to Design
  • How she connects with designer clients
  • How many projects she takes on per month and how she found the perfect workload balance to provide a top-notch client experience
  • Her recommendations on managing multiple projects
  • How her onboarding process keeps projects organized with a clear list of expectations and timelines
  • Why it’s important to provide the client with a home page review
  • How to set expectations within the project scope when clients ask for “extra”
  • How she helps designers make their business more simple, profitable and stress-free through The Simply Profitable Designer Summit
  • How Summit in a Box teaches online business owners how to plan profitable summits
  • How she turned client outreach into income generation for herself and affiliate speakers
  • Her tips in balancing business with mom life
  • What she outsources in life and business
  • How she manages retainer clients
  • How to simplify your business

Krista’s Instagram
The Simply Profitable Designer Summit (aff link)
Get Back to Design Podcast
Know the code
Melissa on Get Back to Design
Erin Flynn’s Intro Packet Guide
Krista’s Summit in a Box

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