The Design Business Show 025: Building Your Business with Visibility Strategies with Joana Galvao

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | April 8, 2019
Join me for episode 25 of The Design Business Show with Joana, where we hear her talk all about her journey of speaking, getting press, and how it’s helping her increase her perceived value.

We first met Joana Galvao in episode 9, and heard her whirlwind business story about how she went from pulling an all nighter to do her first sales page, to managing a team of 10 designers and developers at her agency in Porto, Portugal. Today we’re talking about her experience as a speaker and a guest on podcasts and how that’s helping her increase her perceived value.

Here’s what we cover during episode 025:

  • How she got invited to speak at one of her client’s events and realized that half of her booked business in 2018 came from speaking
  • She realized the power of being seen, and decided to explore it
  • Why she recommends Michael Port’s books and speaking programs to help you get booked solid and tell your story
  • How she spent most of 2017 and 2018 perfecting her speaking skills
  • How visibility will help designers and how they can look for those speaking gigs
  • How early on in her business “being seen” meant networking and going to events
  • She was also very active in the B-School Facebook group by sharing her work
  • What designers should do if they’re not booked solid yet
  • Why she sees speaking as an avenue of increasing her perceived value and being top of mind for new prospects
  • How she asked her current connections to introduce her to event organizers
  • The story about how she got on stage at Traffic and Conversion Summit, the biggest marketing conference in North America
  • Why it’s important to get noticed before you pitch an event organizer, media publication or podcast host
  • Her theme for the year and what it means
  • How she started using micro blogging on Instagram for her creative expression, and people started to notice
  • What a conversation with a friend inspired her to do, and why she didn’t wait to get it done
  • How she entered a contest to speak at Archangel Summit, an audience of 3,000 people and won
  • Why it’s important to note that this was not an overnight thing, and how she put a desire out there, took action and made what she wanted happen
  • Why building relationships and asking is what helping her get on the stages where she wants to be seen
  • Her process for getting other opportunities for visibility
  • Why the guidance of Selena Soo has helped her get noticed by major press
  • How to craft a pitch to get your article published
  • What’s next for Joana and why you should follow her on Instagram
  • How designers can get clear on their visibility strategies

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