The Design Business Show 024: Building a Multi-passionate Business with Stephenie Zamora

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | March 29, 2019
Join me for episode 24 of The Design Business Show with Stephenie Zamora, creative director over at Stephanie Zamora Design about building a multi-passionate business as a designer!

At Stephenie Zamora Design, we merge the worlds of online marketing, brand strategy, copywriting, design, and WordPress development to help turn passionate individuals into profitable entrepreneurs. Stephenie personally has well over a decade of experience working with major companies and corporations to nonprofits and startups to small businesses and solopreneurs on their brand and marketing strategies (both online and off) while significantly increasing their revenue, sales, site traffic, and conversions.

Here’s what we cover during episode 024:

  • How she fell in love with design after finding a bunch of print magazines in her high school art class
  • After graduating, she became an overachiever, built a great portfolio and worked in several jobs as a designer
  • In 2008, she moved to Hawaii, started her business, taught herself how to code custom themes
  • She joined an online marketing mastermind and took a job at a startup to figure out how to do everything
  • How the trust in herself wasn’t always there and she knew she always wanted to be more than a designer
  • She knew she wanted to make a difference in the world in some way and focus more on working with nonprofits and solopreneurs
  • She left the business partnership with her then-boyfriend and joined Marie Forleo’s mastermind
  • She tried to figure out who she was and took her twenties to build a life and business
  • Why designers should look deeper into who they are
  • How designers can get better jobs while they are building their business
  • How to leave a business partnership if it isn’t working out and how to be honest with yourself when things aren’t working
  • How she won a ticket to Marie Forleo’s event, and then joined her mastermind
  • How the mastermind helped her grow tremendously and how online marketing and being around people who are doing kick-ass things helped her grow
  • The story behind her first online program that gets her clients great results and worked well even though most of her peers told her not to do it that way
  • How she structures her programs to help her be more profitable
  • How things work together in her programs
  • How she merged all of her passions, her design business, her online business program, and her other businesses
  • How she manages all of her businesses and gets everything done with 5 businesses
  • How being purpose driven helps her move past the hard things
  • She’s learned the systems and structures that work best for her
  • Tips for designers who want to learn how to start online programs by starting with the end result that’s promised, and what the main teaching points are that you need to teach
  • What she does when she gets busy to make sure she’s supported in her life and business

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