The Design Business Show 023: Believing Your Art Has Value with Lilah Higgins

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | March 22, 2019
Join me for episode 23 of The Design Business Show with Lilah Higgins, creative genius over at The Higgins Creative about believing your art has value, tapping into your own strengths in your offers, and why strategy matters.

Alongside her husband, Lilah Higgins is the co-founder of TheForge, a leadership training community for faith-driven business owners. She also designs and coaches established business owners through her brand agency, The Higgins Creative. Taking her fine art training & strategic mind into the online space, she helps clients brand cohesively and effectively across platforms, bringing them the confidence they need to become industry leaders, make impact, and disciple nations.

Here’s what we cover during episode 023:

  • How I was introduced to Lilah through a mutual friend who had a bad experience with a designer
  • Why it’s important for designers to design for their clients and not for themselves
  • How she grew up taking fine arts classes and with entrepreneurial parents
  • How early on, she knew what she could do with her business
  • Why she believes in giving our clients things that work for them
  • How she started out charging $50 for blog headers plus how she got her first clients
  • How designers can find the right coach and community for them
  • How she made her first $100K in 2016
  • What she did to hit $100K and how she figured things out as she went along
  • How she knows when a client is not a good match
  • How to learn who your dream clients are and how to serve them
  • How by looking at her clients lifestyle, and just know that kind of design to create for them
  • How she structures her website packages
  • Why she started her faith-based group coaching program with her husband called The Forge
  • Why she only works with 12 clients a year now and how she went from charging $50 for blog headers to $12K per branding client
  • Why designers should be able to believe in and back their prices
  • How to get clients through building authentic relationships
  • Why your client experience matters
  • Why she created a Trello mastermind so she can automate her systems
  • Why designers need to truly believe that their art has value

Links mentioned:

Lilah’s Website

Lilah’s free Brand from Scratch Guide

Lilah’s Group Coaching Program

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