The Design Business Show 030: Becoming the Go-To Creative for the next generation of thought leaders with Natasha Lakos

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | May 10, 2019

Natasha Lakos has been called “the go-to creative” for the next generation of thought leaders. She’s worked with a handful of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100s and a long list of big-hearted entrepreneurs. Through her practice as a designer and creative director, she’s learned that when your personal brand reflects your true identity, the world re-arranges itself to gather at your feet. Learn more at

Here’s what we cover during episode 030:

  • How she was always enamored with graphic design
  • How she landed a job as a product designer out of dozens of applicants at a job fair
  • Why she decided to start her own business and how she got her first clients
  • How she started doing work with Danielle LaPorte
  • Why she thinks that following your intuition is very important and how it has guided her to success
  • Why meeting Marie Forleo and taking B-School was one of the key things in getting her personal brand started
  • Why she stopped working with all of her clients and worked for one business owner for 2 years, and how she came to that decision
  • How she moved to offering only one package instead of a bunch of small services and how it instantly changed her business
  • Her biggest mistakes with clients and what she does to prevent them from happening again
  • Why setting clear expectations when you work with clients is the key to success
  • How she prices her services and why she rarely charges by the hour
  • Why she would never put examples of work that she doesn’t want to do in her portfolio
  • Why Natasha believes collaboration over competition – especially amongst designers
  • Her advice to young designers on how to create connections and go to the next level
  • Why she emphasizes owning your uniqueness as a person and as a business owner and what it can do for you and your brand

Links mentioned:

Natasha’s Website

Connect with Natasha on Instagram

Danielle LaPorte

Marie Forleo’s site


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