The Design Business Show 031: Instagram Marketing Tips for Web Designers from Mary Alvizures

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | May 16, 2019
Join me for episode 31 of The Design Business Show where I speak with Mary Alvizures about Instagram marketing, rebranding, and niching down!

On Today’s show, I interview Mary Alvizures. We first met Mary on episode 10! She’s the founder of MINTGEM, a branding + web design company based in sunny Los Angeles. Mary is a designer, foodie, traveler, optimist and lover of life! You can find her being a girl boss and branding expert at MINTGEM. Specializing in branding, website design and instagram marketing, she loves working with purpose driven women in business, go-getters, movers, shakers – making the world a better place and making sure they look good doing so!

When she is not designing or bringing visions to digital life, she travels for inspiration and new adventures – meeting new people and taking in all the beauty life has to offer along the way. In her free time she also loves to read or listen to audio books, dance to good music and catch some fun under the sun.

I brought her back to get a biz update from her and to also get some more Instagram tips to share with you!

Here’s what we cover:

  • We get an update on from Me (Melissa, your host!) about how implementing some of Mary’s Instagram tips have directly impacted my business
  • How she got started with using Instagram for her business and used it as her own bubble to share everything that she loved
  • Once she got her first clients on Instagram she asked why they chose her – and it was because they liked her vibe
  • Why it’s important to focus on your current audience who may not know what you do
  • How much time she spends on Instagram and how she plans out her feed
  • Why your stories and your feed have two different audiences
  • What you should post on IGTV
  • Whether or not you should focus on your number of followers
  • How to grow your followers
  • How you can use an People Map to find they type of followers to engage with on Instagram
  • What Mary is up to today in her business
  • Why she decided to niche down and work with soulful coaches
  • The scoop behind her rebrand
  • The shift she experienced by actually doing what she wants to be doing
  • The process she used to niche down and play in her dream business
  • Why it’s good to take breaks
  • When Mary thinks it’s the right time to re-structure your services and make changes inside of our design business
  • Why it’s important that your top 9 Instagram photos show off your graphic design work or include a branding photos
  • Why you should apply Mary’s Instagram strategies to whatever social media platform you wanna use

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Mary’s Instagram Tips for Creatives (NEW!)

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