The Design Business Show 036: The 3 Biggest Mistakes I See Freelance Designers Make

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | June 10, 2019

We’re changing things up today on The Design Business Show – and I’m back for a solo show to talk about the 3 biggest mistakes I see freelance designers make in their business and how to solve them!

Mistake #1: Not charging enough for the work they do.

Most designers don’t value their work or even know how to price projects, so they under charge and way over deliver. Even worse, they keep these working relationships because they don’t think they can do any better. And, they keep these clients who nickel and dime them for Every. Little. Thing. (sigh!)

This is a cycle that needs to stop now, friend. You can charge top dollar, but you have to create valuable offers with design projects that deliver results.

Mistake #2: Creating pretty designs that don’t serve a purpose.

Being a good designer requires more than being able to work your way around Adobe InDesign. It requires the technical skills, taking ownership in your ability to design brands and designs that get results for your clients. It also requires LISTENING to your clients and providing designs that match your clients ambition. Not just doing something because you’re the designer.

True Story: My friend is like the Olivia Pope of systems. And a branding agency gave her a logo that looks like SpongeBob Squarepants’ house. She was devastated. (Don’t worry, I saved the day and re-instilled hope in her that designers rock!)

Mistake #3: They get stuck & stay stuck without asking for help.

Even when they start to see success, they self-sabotage and feel like they have to be attached to their laptop or all the greatness will go away.

Here’s the truth: You can leave your laptop closed on weekends and no one will have a meltdown. And if they do, you’re working with the wrong clients.

Here’s another truth: Everyone struggles and has doubts. It’s what you do next that will set you up for more success.

No matter what you believe, success is possible for you.

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