The Design Business Show 045: Tapping into Your Intuition with Ruby Rayne

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | July 29, 2019
Learn how to tap into your intuition with Ruby Rayne

Ruby Rayne is a multidisciplinary designer, photographer, strategy coach, and founder of Moto.Red Design House LLC, a brand, web design, and marketing company operating in Washington State.

Ruby has helped hundreds of clients develop and promote their high calibre products, life-changing services, and award-winning talent. She continues to support entrepreneurs and industry leaders to establish, elevate, and empower their brands to do more and serve greater through Moto.Red’s Truth in Advertising strategy. Her client work has been featured in Garden Design Magazine, The Seattle Times, Seattle Magazine, Best of Houzz, and Landscape Architecture Magazine.

Ruby lives and plays in Kenmore, Washington. When not designing for the future power players, Ruby can be found socializing at art walks and dinner parties.

Here’s what we cover during episode 044:

  • How she started learning how to code websites when she was 10
  • What it was like to start her business super young + where she got her first clients
  • The story behind one of the first clients she worked with – and found on Craigslist
  • How she prices her projects and why it’s not what you think
  • The inside scoop on what she does for her client projects
  • The story behind what inspired her to start her other business
  • Why being an intuitive actually helps her when working on client projects
  • The difference between an empath and intuitive
  • How designers can connect with their breath and practice
  • How to use your intuition
  • How Ruby uses her intuition when she is designing for clients
  • The story behind how she created her oracle decks
  • How designers can use oracle decks in their lives
  • Her tips for being true to yourself

Links mentioned:

Ruby’s Design Business Instagram

Ruby Rayne, Oracle

Sacred Rose Oracle Deck Instagram


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