The Design Business Show 044: Designing Digital Ecosystems for Savvy Entrepreneurs with Marie Poulin

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | July 25, 2019
Learn how to add strategic roadmapping, course development and more to your offerings as a designer with Marie Pouin.

Marie Poulin is the co-founder of Oki Doki, a creative collaboration uniting Marie’s strategy & design background with Ben, Marie’s partner, and his design & programming background to form one kick-ass digital creative agency.

They create purposeful, unique, and results-focused digital experiences that integrate your brand across all touch-points. Where Marie sees the big-picture possibilities, Ben handles the implementation details.

They understand the digital landscape, and have helped launch hundreds of websites, products, online courses, web applications, games, and online experiences. They’ve seen behind the scenes of countless launches, and know what works (and what to avoid).

They don’t believe in formulas; they tailor solutions to our clients’ business and lifestyle needs, so your products are built with growth, longevity, and sustainability in mind.

Here’s what we cover during episode 044:

  • Why she chose design as her field and how it helped her start her career
  • Her first job at a design studio, her role at the job and how the studio owner’s mentorship helped her grow as a designer
  • How she was able to shift from working full-time to working part-time in order to start her freelance design business
  • The insider scoop on how her business works, and how she and her partner collaborate to get things done
  • The type of clients she works with and the amazing business roadmap she creates for her clients
  • The unknowns she helps fill for her clients when creating their websites
  • How she started to work with clients with a course or productized service
  • Why she and her partner decided to create a platform for courses
  • Why it’s not always true that a course will make you multiple six figures
  • Why offering strategic roadmaps has helped her and what that looks like
  • A behind-the-scenes look at how she helped one client sell courses, plan the strategy, and doing design work
  • How designers can use their other skills to add value to their offerings
  • Why paying attention and doing research is a good thing for designers
  • What her business looks like today
  • Tips for designers who want to grow their business
  • Info on her mastermind that helps people create courses
  • What she shares on each social media network

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