The Design Business Show 047: How To Use Your Point Of View To Design Your Services with Erika Lyremark

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | August 16, 2019
Check out episode 47 of The Design Business Show with Erika Lyremark to get clarity and confidence about your product or service.

Erika Lyremark (Lira-mark) is the mastermind behind The Daily Whip where she works with female leaders, influencers, and experts to help them…

Cultivate cutting edge personal brands

Develop WINNING products & services

Create custom-built marketing plans

Construct whip-smart sales funnels

Shape powerful promotional strategies

Showing early entrepreneurial skills when she let her brother throw a pie in her face for $5, Erika wheeled and dealed her way through high-school, earned degrees in Apparel Design and Women Studies (with an emphasis on China Studies), spent 9 years swinging around a stripper pole, went on to co-create a multi-million dollar commercial real-estate investment company, and then launched her own business coaching consultancy in 2011.

Erika documented her experiences in her best-selling book Think Like A Stripper, lauded by Dan Pink as “a smart and provocative read”, while Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran says “Erika will not only whip you into shape with her wit, humor, and no-nonsense advice, but show you how to bounce back from failure and become the confident sales superstar you’re meant to be.”

Running her business from an elegant (of course!) and secret location, Erika spends her leisure time…

Drinking green smoothies,

Eating take-out with her hunky husband,

Admiring photos of Elo – her adorable adopted orangutan who lives in Indonesia.

And texting the Bugatti headquarters with suggestions on what to call the next generation of sports coupes. The Lyremark, of course.

Here’s what we cover during episode 047:

  • A quick update about how talking to Erika inspired me to add a new level of excellence to everything I do going forward
  • The story behind why Erika is a guest on this week’s episode
  • How branding and glamour have been a part of who Erika is since the third grade
  • The story behind how Erika moved to Seattle when she was 19
  • How she decided to become a stripper for 9 years
  • Why she got degrees in Apparel Design and Women Studies (with an emphasis on China Studies)
  • How she got her start in commercial real estate working with her dad
  • Why watching reality TV inspired her to start her entrepreneurial journey in 2005
  • How cultivating her own view points on selling helped her be super successful early on in her business
  • How she teaches her students to use their view points to create their offer
  • How you can make selling more fun by really understanding your product or service
  • Why most people don’t truly understand their product or service
  • The story behind Erika’s client, I Love My Doubles Partner, and how the creator created a lifestyle brand
  • How Erika uses her Product Design Studio to share free content
  • Why offering too much can confuse your potential customers
  • And why asking “If you needed to book $10K in sales in the next 14 days, what would you sell?” can help you get to the next stage in creating your offer
  • The story behind one of her clients, Autumn Tompkins, The Grumpy Grammarian
  • How you can book a free Product Strip Down with Erika, and what it can do for your business
  • Why it’s normal to have fears around creating something new
  • How to get over those fears – and what it’s really about

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Erika’s Product Design Studio

Erika’s free guide: Don’t Dabble. Dominate. 


15-Minute Product Strip-Down

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