The Design Business Show 048: Building Strategic Websites and Brands that Make Money with Chrissy Marquardt

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | August 23, 2019
Check out episode 48 of The Design Business Show with Chrissy Marquardt to learn how she creates websites that make money, learned to say no early on, and her process for managing projects!

Chrissy Marquardt is a Web Designer + Brand Strategist for visionary, creative and soulful entrepreneurs who are doing transformational work in their industry. She helps her clients and customers go from invisible to unforgettable by creating beautiful brands and websites that convert.

Here’s what we cover during episode 048:

  • How she went to school for finance, became interested in web and graphic design, but got a job at a bank instead
  • After she had her second son, she decided she wanted to have more than just a job and also be a great mom
  • How she taught herself how to build WordPress websites after buying a book
  • The story of the first website she created for her in-law’s Christmas tree farm
  • How she reached out to everyone she knew to let them know she was doing web design
  • And how she started out as a virtual assistant and did it for a year, but realized that she is a visionary and wanted to collaborate
  • How to deal with friends and family who may have other ideas about what your dream should be
  • How surrounding herself with like-minded business owners, going to networking events, and hiring mentors has helped her curate a group of people to help her create solutions to her fears
  • How being intentional with her time, planning her week and saying no to things that aren’t a good fit help her stay focused on her business
  • The mistakes she made early on in her business and what her project process looks like now
  • Why building a website is like building a house
  • What her business looks like today
  • Why she helps her clients use their website as a revenue generator
  • Why she loves working with local businesses
  • How she gets her local clients, her referral process and what she charges for her website projects
  • Why she believes in teaching entrepreneurs how to use their own websites
  • Her thoughts on how graphic designers should price their projects
  • Why you need digital strategy, goals and more when you build your website
  • Why she believes that not everyone should hire a web designer – especially early on in their business
  • Why she loves Trello, and how it has helped her create an awesome project management system when she works with her clients

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Chrissy’s website


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