The Design Business Show 049: Creating Goal-Driven Web Sites and Sales Pages with Christi Cooper

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | August 28, 2019

Christi Cooper is the principal designer and creative strategist at Cooper & Heart Creative and brings 19+ years of design-industry experience to the table. She works with heart-centered business owners to help them grow their businesses through beautiful, strategic sales pages and websites that connect with their people in an impactful way.

Here’s what we cover during episode 049:

  • Her experience as a designer at a print shop, at an agency and then starting her business on the side
  • How she discovered this online world and started to get clients and make connections by investing in Julie Stoian’s program
  • What made her decide to pursue her business full-time instead of continuing to search for a new job
  • The shifts she needed to make with her mindset about pricing, and how to structure her business
  • How she used FB groups early on in her business to participate in small, pod-type mastermind groups of people and build relationships
  • Why she didn’t start out charging starter prices just because she was new to starting her business
  • How much she charged for her first website project
  • What she charges now for her website projects now
  • The chronological order of how and when she increased her prices
  • The services she offers in her business now
  • How her monthly retainer packages work
  • How she onboards her new clients
  • How she integrates systems like LeadPages, ClickFunnels etc when she does sales pages
  • How she works at home with her two kids (who are both under 5!)
  • The fears she experienced when she first got started
  • Why she recommends designers try things to see if they like doing the work
  • Why she said yes to anyone who asked in her early biz days

Links mentioned:

Christi’s Website
Christi’s Instagram account

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