The Design Business Show 052: Tips for Attracting More Clients using SEO with Cinthia Pacheco

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | September 19, 2019
Check out episode 52 of The Design Business Show with Cinthia Pacheco to learn how you can use SEO for your own websites to get more clients!

Cinthia Pacheco is the owner of Digital Bloom IQ and is passionate about helping Health and Wellness businesses attract their next client through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). After four years of corporate experience working with companies like Avon, Sears, and Hyundai, she transitioned into the small business world, focusing on her SEO and Google Analytics services.

She is on a mission to inspire Health and Wellness business to be more intentional about their SEO marketing and heal more of the world.

When she’s not working, you can find her hugging an animal or journaling in some cute stationery.

Here’s what we cover during episode 052:

  • How Cinthia and I connected through Krista Miller’s Summit for Designers
  • What she learned while working on SEO projects full-time at her corporate job
  • How she started her business with the encouragement from her mom, and working two side hustles
  • The type of work she did for clients early on in her business using Google Analytics
  • How she realized early on that SEO for small businesses was different than working on SEO for corporate clients
  • What she charged for her first projects working on SEO with clients
  • The scoop on her podcast, the Digitally Overwhelmed podcast and how it’s impacted her business
  • A specific example about how having a podcast has helped her get client referrals
  • Why SEO takes time and it’s important to know that before getting started on your SEO strategy
  • Why one of the best ways you can up your SEO game is to just ask your ideal people what they’re struggling with so you can learn how to help them
  • Why it’s important to ask questions that relate to your expertise
  • Tips for improving web pages that are already ranked high on Google search
  • Why Cinthia recommends looking at Google Analytics and deleting pages that aren’t getting any traffic, and doing a general clean up every 3 months
  • Why we want to encourage people to share our blog posts and websites to send traffic to our pages
  • Why you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself when it comes to your own SEO

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Cinthia’s Website
Cinthia’s Podcast
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