The Design Business Show 051: How Freelancers can Earn More While Working Less with Erin Flynn

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | September 13, 2019
Check out episode 51 of The Design Business Show with Erin Flynn to learn how to earn more and work less.

Erin has been making websites since 1999, started her own web design and development company in 2012, and has taught over 10,000 students. She’s spent the past seven years figuring out the business part of running a freelance business so that you don’t have to.

Here’s the deal: running a truly sustainable and profitable freelance business takes more than your industry skills. You’ve got to have the business skills nailed down too so that you have smooth processes, happy clients, and actually have a business that makes money without working all the time. That’s where Erin comes in.

When she’s not teaching freelancers or working with her own design clients, Erin can be found exploring the mountains near her home in Aspen, Colorado. Find out more at

Here’s what we cover during episode 051:

  • Check out Erin’s first interview on The Design Business Show
  • The quick backstory on how Erin started her design business and what she’s up to now
  • How to get access to her course for web designers called Streamline. Design. Profit.
  • Why she’s shifting to serve service providers + solopreneurs in addition to web designers
  • The story behind why she started her membership site for web designers
  • Why she believes that it’s always okay to shift what you’re doing in your business
  • How working 4 hours a day has worked for Erin
  • Why good communication and organization is the key to creating a successful business
  • How she uses an intro packet in her business – and why people love it
  • Why she creates the intro packet as a PDF instead of putting the content on her website
  • Signs freelancers can look for during the inquiry process to see if clients might not be a good fit
  • Mistakes I made on a project with a client who I’ve done multiple projects with
  • Why after an hour of “free” work, Erin always charges for work she’s doing
  • Why it’s important to charge more for things that fall outside of your project scope
  • The story behind Erin’s new brand and tagline
  • Why having systems in place is so helpful for freelancers so they don’t have to be glued to their computer
  • Why it’s important for Erin to enjoy her life and not work constantly
  • How freelancers can get started with creating one new system for their business and scheduling the time to do it
  • Why it’s important to know how to make functional designs (not just pretty things)
  • The story behind one of Erin’s early clients and how her website was getting her new clients
  • Erin’s tips for managing ongoing client relationships
  • Tips for managing retainer clients and becoming an expert for your clients
  • How she sets up retainer packages where she’s the expert to help clients get results
  • Why getting referrals are the best types of clients you can get in your business
  • Tips for creating a process for asking for referrals

Links mentioned:
Erin’s Website
Erin’s Course: Streamline. Design. Profit. (affiliate link)

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