The Design Business Show 056: Legal Mistakes Designers Make and How to Fix them with Ticora Davis

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | October 18, 2019
Check out episode 56 of The Design Business Show with Ticora Davis to learn all the legal things designers should have learned in design school.

Ticora is an intellectual property attorney and business strategist, and the founder of both The Creator’s Law Firm, a disruptive virtual law firm that helps small business owners protect their smarts, and Business Bakerie, a resource hub for small business owners. She is known in the industry and beyond for being legally savvy, quick witted, and revolutionary in her approach to law, life, and leadership. Because of her innovative work, she has been featured on VH1, Black Enterprise, Facebook Community Boost, and The Rising Tide Society.

Here’s what we cover during episode 056:

  • How Ticora and I got connected and where I first heard about her
  • How Ticora first became interested in IP Law, after originally wanting to be an ophthalmologist
  • The story behind how she became a trademark attorney by creating the opportunity for herself in January 2017 when she opened up her law firm
  • The one thing that Ticora wants designers to know about intellectual property
  • Why she wants designers to know that they have a lot of power over the creations they produce
  • The difference between copyright, patents, trademarks, and intellectual property
  • How the owner of the designs is actually the person that created them
  • The difference between providing a service and providing the tangible assets
  • How designers can create a whole other stream of revenue by selling source files
  • Why Ticora recommends that designers charge for source files
  • How a work-for-hire contract works and a copyright assignment agreement works
  • Why it’s important to hire a lawyer who practices law in your state to create contracts for you – or to at least hire them to give your contract template a review
  • Why contract templates are a good starting point – but once your business grows, you should invest in getting one created for you
  • Why when you provide high level services – you should make sure that you are protected and make sure that your contract is enforceable
  • The 3 things each contract needs to have
  • Where designers are leaving money on the table
  • Why designers should not put the service and the intellectual property together as one price
  • How to communicate the fact that the source files is intellectual property owned by the designer
  • Why it’s our job as designers to make sure that our clients are clear about the entire process – and if they’re not, it’s our fault
  • How designers can gracefully handle people who swipe your intellectual property
  • What the Digital Millennial Copyright Act is
  • The details behind Ticora’s programs – Breadwinner and Business Bakerie

Links mentioned:
Ticora’s website
Ticora’s program, Breadwinner
Ticora on Instagram

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