The Design Business Show 055: 3 Ways to Get More Sales from Your Sales Page

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | October 14, 2019
Check out episode 55 of The Design Business Show to get a business update from me and learn 3 ways to get more sales using your sales page.

The Design Business Show is officially a year old! Thank you so much for listening, sharing, and all the things. I could not do this without you. In today’s episode, I’m giving you a quick business update, and of course, 3 ways you can get more sales using your sales page. Click here to save your spot for my Design Masterclass on October 17 at 10 am CST. 

Here’s what we cover during episode 055:

  • An update on my designer mastermind promotion from earlier this summer
  • The Design Business Show is celebrating it’s birthday
  • Why I started the podcast
  • How I won “Best Podcast” at the 2019 Social Media Club Hashie Awards
  • How I got invited to be a guest expert at Sage Polaris and Tarzan Kay’s Legendary Life event in Niagara last month
  • Why that event felt like an awesome girls trip – and it was just what my soul needed
  • Why I loved that event compared to others I’ve been to, and why I don’t travel a lot
  • The details on my trip to Southern California last week
  • Why I went to Brandon Lucero’s event, and what it was like meeting him for the first time IRL after being his launch manager and knowing him for 5 years
  • Why I loved hanging with my friend Sage again, and how it made me feel richer than ever
  • The story behind why I felt like an idiot after my hot seat at Brandon’s event
  • Why I’m a completely different person after attending both live events
  • How designers can get more sales using their sales page
  • Why I think you should remove the all links that aren’t related to the sales page from the navigation, and what to do instead
  • Why I think you should focus the most attention on the hero section of the sales page, and what to include there
  • Strategies for increasing sales during your live promotion if you aren’t getting the results you want

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The Conversion Design School Waitlist

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