The Design Business Show 061: Using Videos to Sell + The Value of Biz Besties with Jordan Gill

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | November 20, 2019
Check out episode 61 of The Design Business Show with Jordan Gill, Head Hancho of Systems Saved Me, to get tips on selling, offering design intensives, and the value of biz besties.

With millions of dollars made and thousands of hours saved, Jordan Gill, Operations Consultant and Host of the Systems Saved Me Podcast, knows that if you want to make an incredible impact in your business, you must have massive support. Her mission is to partner with business owners like YOU to balance new leads coming in while still getting your to do list done!

Here’s what we cover during episode 061:

  • The story behind how Jordan and I met, and how she stayed at my house a week after we bought my new house
  • Why you should reach out to people that you vibe really well with to build friendships and relationships
  • What Jordan’s business looked like when she first got started
  • How much money Jordan made monthly when she first got started
  • How to make decisions and plans when you plan to leave your full-time job
  • What happened that made her decide to end her retainer packages and adjust how she’s working with people
  • The work she started to do with intensives in her business and how she got her first client
  • What she did during her first client intensive and what she charged
  • How she got support in her business when she first started doing intensives
  • Why I never wanted to offer intensives
  • How designers, freelancers, creatives and developers can offer intensives in their business
  • Why you should not let your intensive service go past a day
  • Types of design services you can offer in an intensive package
  • Why I don’t mind offering live design updates sometimes in my business
  • Jordan’s approach to sales, why it’s different, and how she first felt about sales when she first started
  • Why she hired a sales coach and what that sales coach helped her with
  • How Jordan uses Instagram to find people to send cold video pitches to
  • What she says in those videos, and how she closes the sale
  • The story behind her Systems Saved Me Shop, which is now closed, but was open during the time of this recording
  • The other services Jordan offers in her business
  • Why she’s shifting her focus to working with solopreneurs
  • Why being present is important, and why she doesn’t want to work all the time
  • The evolution in Jordan’s business names
  • Why I tell the story about the terrible experience she had with the branding agency that came to her house
  • What happened with the logo design and why it was a terrible fit
  • What happened when she gave them feedback
  • What she learned from that experience and why communication between clients and designers should be open
  • Why I want to make sure that designers listen to their clients

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