The Design Business Show 65: Helping Creatives + Makers Grow their Business with Hafsa Taher

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | December 16, 2019
Check out episode 65 of The Design Business Show with Hafsa Taher, to get tips on Instagram marketing, community building, and tips for selling handmade items online.

An IT Business Analyst experiences personal setback and turns creative overnight. Sounds like a news headline, right?

That’s our guest today, Hafsa Taher.

 Started with handmade greeting cards in 2013, as healing herself through art, she fell in love with handmade art. She quickly learned the market needs (i.e. experimented like crazy) and in 5 years, she grew HafsaCreates to make a full time income, through selling online and retailers around the world.

Today she’s a Business Coach for creatives. She shares her exact journey to help creatives  find themselves and create a business that reflects their values.

But what makes Hafsa so different is her commitment to uplift women and empower them to find their voice and show up confidently to make an impact in the world through their creativity.

Her community go nuts for her real talk, her empathy and her eat-an-elephant-one-bite-at-a time approach. Go follow her on Instagram @HafsaCreatesCoaching and see for yourself!

When she’s not coaching creatives, you’ll often find her nerding out on launch strategies and marketing with her peer mastermind, or rallying her local friends for a meet up over poutine and burgers.

Here’s what we cover during episode 065:

  • The story behind how Hafsa and I met at Tarzan Kay and Sage Polaris’s Legendary Life Event
  • How Hafsa created her community online and started selling greeting cards she made with items she found at the dollar store for $3/each
  • The process Hafsa used for creating her community on social media
  • Hafsa’s take on the Instagram hiding likes, and her tips for making “asks” on Instagram in the captions
  • How to create content that helps reach people using the 80/20 rule (80% not selling and 20% of selling)
  • Why you should put the social back in social media – and engage with your audience
  • Why people who use bots are technically cheating the system and why she thinks eventually these accounts will be blocked and taken down, why she doesn’t recommend her students do this
  • Why she doesn’t think you need to follow everyone in your audience if you are engaging with them
  • Why she truly believes in making genuine friends online
  • How she truly created her online community
  • How she created products that her audience wanted
  • How she found out her ICA after she created her products
  • The process she use to for open her online shop with the products she made
  • Why I invited Hafsa to be on the podcast
  • Why Hafsa encourages her students try lots of different things
  • The type of support that Hafsa’s members of her program get inside her program
  • How you can sign up for her Instagram freebie and find out when her membership opens again

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