The Design Business Show 064: The Breakdown of my first ever Launch/Online Promo

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | December 9, 2019

Why launching? 

Well, I wanted to do this thing called “scale.” I’d made a lot of money for my clients doing sales pages and managing launches, so I wanted to try it.

I spent the earlier part of that year wrapping my last project for a major client I had worked with for years, and I was ready to slow down on 1:1 work and up the ante on my launches.

I was testing FB ads for webinars about sales pages and website design, but they didn’t actually convert very well. I’d get about 4-5 people showing up on a webinar – and I was just doing them to add value and make a name for myself, without a pitch.

I had a conversation with my friend Tara Zirker, a FB ads strategist, who manages FB ads for a lot of the big names you’ve probably bought courses from.

I met Tara when I came in to manage a B-School promo in 2015 for one of her clients, and we instantly became friends.

She told me to charge $400 a month for 4 months, and put it out there. I hired her to help me set up the FB ads, which still convert when I turn them on, and away I went. I think I did 3-4 webinars in July and August 2017.

The offer: 

A 4-month mastermind for designers with monthly calls, bonuses, accountability, and an end result in them growing their business. They were given a private membership area, a private FB group, and the goal in helping them believe in themselves.

The numbers:

Total Revenue Generated: $3891

Starting Launch List Size: 0

Launch List Size Post Promo: 180

Total Customers: 3

Earnings Per Lead: $3891 / 180 = $21.61

Cost Per Lead: $11.85

Total Sales: $3891

FB Ad Cost: $2133.54
Gross Profit: $1757.46

Gross Profit Divided by Total Sales

$1757.46 / $3891= 45% Profit Margin

What was awesome: 

I sold my first spot with a list of less than 30 people!
  • I sold my first two spots without a sales page.
  • The webby attendance percentage ranged from 30-50% and 80% of the people on the webinars stayed til the very end.
  • The webby was how I got the most applications for the service.
*I did it; despite the mountain of limiting beliefs I’ve created in the last year.
  • This whole mentoring designers thing/brand/movement is WAAAY bigger than me. And I’m excited about it!
  • I only promoted this using FB Ads. I updated a couple links on my website and my Insta bio with maybe one post about it; but not selling it.

What surprised me:

  • Typically 20-30% of sales come in on the last day. I got no applications on the last day.
  • That I could do it.
  • That people would actually want to learn from me.
That my FB ads converted better than they ever have! YAY!

What I didn’t like:

  • Launching it when summer was almost over.
  • Doing almost everything myself.
  • Building the membership site.

Next Launch for this specific program was January 2018 and these were my goals:

  1. Lower the Cost Per Lead to $3-7/lead
  2. Increase Ads Budget to $3,500.00
  3. Raise the Price of the Program
  4. Increase Webby Attendance Rate to 50%
  5. Increase the Landing Page Conversion Rate to 40-50%


The benefits of launching: 

You get to try something new.

You get to position yourself as an expert – and serve a bigger group of people instead of just 1:1 work.

Knowing that I don’t have to rely on 1:1 work forever is super relieving; and although launching is a ton of flipping work; I’m doing it again this month.

While I was working on this mastermind, I was working on 2 sales pages for clients, so that meant I was working more hours than I normally was.

But it’s also great to set an example for what people can be, and I’m super passionate about helping designers get to the next level in their business.

It’s why I still design sales pages. I’m working on two right now.

The industry is shifting, and I have to stay on top of my game if I want to become known as the conversion design expert. I already am, but on a small scale.

My launch plans right now: 

Scale back on design mentorship offerings covering systems, getting clients, and more. I’ve got enough podcast episodes and content out there helping with that, and I want to help designers learn conversion design.

A friend questioned me since I had a few offers for designers that converted, why I’d want to change and create something brand new.

Side note: if you put an offer out there and someone buys it – it means you’re onto something. If you put an offer out there an no one buys – a number of things could need tweaked. I’m not going to get into that today, but we do inside Conversion Design School™.

There are a ton of mentors out there for designers, and I wanted to solely focus on one thing.

When I look at how I grew my business after I started doing sales pages, it was because I got super specific.

Teaching Conversion Design + Launch Strategy + How Strategic Design can help get sales inside Conversion Design School™ is super specific, and it’s where I’ll be focusing my energy for the next year.

The downside of launching: 

It takes way more time than a custom sales page design.

It costs more money to do than a custom sales page design.

When I do a sales page, I don’t have to work unless I get paid.

When you launch, you have to create the entire customer journey, sales page, membership site, build and nurture your list, test everything, set up the check out pages, and experience a few more late nights than you’re used to, and do so in hopes that people will buy.

And you don’t technically get paid until someone buys.

It requires you to step out of your head and show up as an expert in your field, and consistently help your clients for free.

People may not buy until a few years after they hear about you, or at all.

I still launch because it’s kind of like a game – but one of the best things you can do if you want to help your students and clients is to show up.

I’m not super competitive, but I have a big dream to one day be hired by Apple and Kate Spade to help them with their website conversions. So if you’re listening and want my help – send me a DM on Instagram at @melissaburkheimer.

My future future launch plans – hire a project manager to manage this podcast and my launches. Goal: June 2020.

Launching is a big-picture game. You don’t score a touchdown the first time you step on the football field. You’ll have lots of wins. Lots of losses. Lots of lessons.

It’s a part of the game. I want to help you win!

The next round actually starts in January 2020, but I’m opening the doors in early December. If you want to get access to early bird pricing (hint hint: a $500 savings), and the chance to get on a few of the remaining live calls with us!

Now you may not know this about me, but I’m kind of bossy.

But, my bossy-ness + design brain is why I get hired again and again to help my clients get more conversions.

If it takes just a little bit of my bossy and a little bit of my conversion design skills to help you increase conversions next year, joining us as an early bird gives you $500 in your pocket, a chance to hop on a few of our remaining calls.

The early bird sale is happening starting tomorrow, Tuesday, December 10 through Friday, December 13 at 3 pm CDT.

Want in? Head on over to to join us.

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