The Design Business Show 067: 2 fascinating things I’ve learned while making sales pages for 7-figure biz owners

Director : Melissa Burkheimer | December 30, 2019

My first sales page project fell into my lap all because someone liked one of my FB photos.

I sent him a FB friend request, and then 6 months later he needed a graphic designer. I raised my hand, and that project changed everything about my design business.

Going from “I’m a designer who will do anything” to “I’m a sales page designer” changed my positioning, how much money I made, and I attracted a brand new client base – without a working sales page.

I’m finishing up a new project for that same client this month (he came back to me after 6 years) and I can tell you that I’ve got a lot of upleveling to do, but I’m finally starting to think and operate like the clients I serve.

This transformation for me has been coming for a while now, but I’ve been stuck in the same headspace I was in 2015, regressed backwards in 2017 and 2018, and now I’m ready for 2021.

I’ll share more about that later – because I’m literally in it right now, but I thought I’d share 2 fascinating things I’ve learned since serving 7 and 8 figure biz owners, and what I’m doing differently now.

Fascinating Thing #1: 7-Figure biz owners don’t get stuck in the “how.”

For real. Nine times out of ten, they just want someone to handle all the things for them so they can move forward with their vision.

They don’t stress about what technology to use, how they’ll deliver their course, or paying someone to help them scale their business.

I’ve invested in not one, but two mentors to help me scale my business and change how I see myself.

This was kind of scary, but also super freeing because I know that it’s going to make a world of difference in helping me see the blind spots in my business.

Fascinating Thing #2: 7-Figure biz owners don’t worry about haters.

One of my clients always personally leaves nasty comments on his FB ads directed towards the people who say his posts are a scam.

When someone copies or steals something they did, they don’t go on social media and whine about it. They let it go or ask their attorney to handle it.

You’re not for everyone, and that’s okay.

Moving forward in your business means standing for something, and not everyone is going to like it.

I learned that from both of my mentors, and as I shift to talk about more about conversion design, people probably won’t like it.

Traditional graphic designers don’t take me seriously, but I don’t care.

I consider it their loss, because they’re still stuck in the 1995 way of doing business.

I’m making it my mission to help designers do many things differently:

  1. Become more confident in their business, their skills, and their value as a designer
  2. Create a business that serves them well, pays them well, and gives them the ability to live life how they want to.
  3. And to show them how to become an invaluable member of their clients team through conversion design.

If you wanna move on up to 2021 like me, you’ll love something I’m cooking up for you that drops on January 2nd.

Cheers to moving on up to 2021, smiling at your haters, and ending your worries about silly little things.

I’m rooting for you! Have a happy new year, and thank you for giving me the privilege of being in your ears this year.

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